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Scheduling my calendar in 15-minute increments already.

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Jan. 12th, 2010 | 02:11 am
mood: tiredtired
music: McGwire and Palin too lame to make it into the body of the entry.

I think certain ex-governors and ex-baseball players should help me out by picking up my dry cleaning.

I can finally close the books on the fall semester, because I just got my last grade. It was for Martin's class (my favorite) and it was worth the wait. :] This means I am officially academically qualified to participate in the spring break externship shenanigans. Also, this means I'm leaning toward taking the class Martin is offering this semester, because I can (just barely) fit in the amount of work it took me to earn a good grade, assuming this is a seminar similar to that one; it appears to be. I have probably until Thursday to decide for sure.

Good thing I can stop obsessing about fall classes, because winter ones are chipping away at my schedule already. Today for 505 (Fundamentals of Planning Practice, or Finally We Get to Go Outside and Do Something Real), we had an InDesign tutorial taught by Vigi and Evis (fellow MUPs), with backup from Maria (one of the professors) and Paul (TA). I got my ass kicked in the two hour session but did actually create, with the help of that army of designers, a nice bio sheet that can be used for a portfolio someday. We also learned which project we will spend the semester developing a plan for; so, until the end of April, consider me devoted to authoring a master plan for pedestrian connectivity in Macomb Township, Michigan. My only shortcoming about this project choice is that it is not one of the many places in Detroit Metro that has been losing people and needs a different kind of help that I am curious to learn how to deliver; there are other groups going to Detroit and Flint to work on such projects. But that's okay, because I'll have plenty of opportunities to get such experience in the next 18 months. And I think this one will be good for my transportation planning chops.

The non-class items jockeying for bits of my schedule should all be done in a week. In reverse chronological order: the MLK Committee I'm on is sponsoring this event next Tuesday, I'm going to Columbus from Thursday night through Saturday afternoon to present at this conference, and on Wednesday I have both a potential roommate-for-next-year meeting and my first duty as social chair for the program. Lordy. I'll have time to sleep when I'm in the workforce?

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