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Bowtie Day is now a holiday.

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Dec. 11th, 2009 | 02:37 pm
mood: coldcold
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In case your December 10 wasn't fun enough.

Oh man, this week. The last full week of classes is done, though the official LDOC is Monday. I completed and turned in two stats assignments and two legal assignments this week, and read most of MM's book (yes, he has a name and I will use it from here on). All that has kept sleep levels low; I got exactly two hours of sleep on Wednesday night. Our last classes were nutty. In Legal class, Katharine organized Bowtie Day in honor of our bowtie-wearing professor and made piles of paper bowties for us to wear, which he was muchly amused with. And Martin's class was a flood of ideas about security, squatting, and criminalizing the poor in Johannesburg, way too much to process this late in the semester, but still nifty. I hope he gets his wish to do similar research in Angola.

To celebrate the end of the semester, we again went out for food and beer, landing at Jolly Pumpkin this time. Brian, Brian's brother, Tall Matt, Erin, Martin, Clay, and me. Fantastic fun. Everyone but Martin and I left to study, so the two of us ended up chatting about academia and other random shit for 20 minutes before also going home. But the night was not yet over! Tall Matt and Erin called me once they had finished an assignment they'd forgotten about, and we convened for karaoke and cheap beer at The Arena. One topic on the table was how to make grad student life more adventurous. Also, we expressed mutual interest in hanging out in Ypsilanti at some point.

This morning I woke up to two good bits of news. First, the speaker we've been trying to get for a presentation on urban immigrant entrepreneurs said yes! It feels good that my voicemail apparently made the difference. And he does super cool work: microlending for immigrants looking to start or expand businesses in the Twin Cities area. Second, the urban planners' student association held elections for the next year, and I had put my hat in the ring for social chair, given that I like to drink and pick apples and see sporting events, and drag others out of the library to participate with me. And I won! Also pretty happy with how the co-president race shaped up.

Now I have to spend the next 13 days studying for four exams, doing a GIS final project, and dodging patches of ice. Maybe I'll write an entry about winter weather, given that I'm just discovering how to do it.

Finally, look! The White House chef is out to liberalize the Obamas' holiday guests with sinister cookies! I propose that it's time we renamed acorns. From now on they shall be called Freedom nuts.

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(no subject)

from: deco_lounge
date: Dec. 15th, 2009 05:23 pm (UTC)

I wore a bowtie on December 10th. A self-tie bowtie, not a clip-on. SO glad performances are DONE for the season. No more tuxedo for a while!

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(no subject)

from: silverthief2
date: Dec. 16th, 2009 12:23 am (UTC)

I don't own any bowties, self-tie or otherwise, hence I had to use a paper one for the occasion. :]

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