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Beating paper drafts with shoes.

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Nov. 28th, 2009 | 07:33 pm
mood: okayStuffing is underrated.
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And other improbable but true academic adventures.

Thanksgiving has been much like it was from 2001 through 2007, when I was more or less on my own and okay with that. In stark contrast was last year, in which I went home and had a very mixed experience. Anyhow, I have managed to cull my long-accumulating to-do list a bit with my time off. I bought winter sheet plastic for my windows, after weeks of 1) not knowing what it was called and 2) where in Meijer it would be, and officially wrote off my hair clippers as useless. Plus I have a freezer full of food I cooked to get me through the last month of the semester. But mostly I've been watching college basketball. The "alarmingly non-athletic" Dukies are 5-0, so there have been some good games. Also, will every college basketball player ever please stop chewing on your mouth guards? Gross.

As for the social side of this long weekend, it happened. I went out for dinner with Katharine, Julie, Dave, and his MSU friend at Blue Tractor on Wednesday, where the fried basket appetizer was recreated at our request, but wasn't quite the same. Following the official dinner, Dave and I stuck around for a while watching the Duke-ASU game, then met Katharine, Koben, Kristin and her sister, Lisa, Chris and many other MUPs at Conor O'Neill's. After a long spell there we wrapped up the night at Heidelberg, and I stumbled home for a lot of sleep. Then on Friday night, Katharine hosted Lisa, Koben, Tara, me, Kristin and her sister at her apartment, with pumpkin cookies and wine, to watch Be Kind Rewind and play Apples to Apples. Just the right amount of low-key excitement for the night.

Today I returned $12 worth of cans and bottles to Meijer, bought the last groceries I need for my winter stockpile, and have since been working on a paper. It's much improved from the draft I began the day with, but I still need to fix up a few parts. And I should do GIS work. And I have undone Stats work, too. Off to do some of that stuff before dinner with the usual characters.

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