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And you know I'm gonna write you a letter.

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Nov. 24th, 2009 | 06:17 pm
mood: hyperhyper
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Every day like you was a cheddah.

Monday was the biggest, busiest Monday I've had in a while, but I made legions of progress in life. I woke up at 7:55 (not beating stroszek2000's wake-up time, but still impressive), was attentive and asked a real question in statistics class, then dutifully sat in the front row in GIS class and took notes and did a bit of IMing during class.

After a bit of time-wasting in the MUP cage and a quick lunch, I ran to Central Campus for an appointment with a writing instructor. She was extremely helpful because she asserted that rather than turning in this paper at its current length (11 pages) and writing another paper of similar length as my products for MM class, I had plenty of room to expand the arguments into a longer paper and make it one cohesive paper that has a solid chance at a good grade. So I am planning to spend Thanksgiving break adding probably 7 or 8 more pages to it, and I am excited about this. Because I am a nerd.

From there I rushed back to North Campus for Planning Theory class, had that, and then rushed back down to Central Campus to meet with my advisor re: classes for next semester. Although she was unsurprisingly not amenable to my ditching one of the core classes for a random anthropology course, she had lots of other great ideas for what I should take. And her brother went to Duke! So it was a good short meeting, and I am fully prepared to register for classes tomorrow. My schedule tentatively includes: Quantitative Planning Methods, Fundamentals of Planning Practice, Economic Development Planning, and Transportation Planning. Woo.

The rest of the evening was spent working on a PowerPoint and paper for Planning Theory. Everyone in the class seems super unmotivated for this assignment, but I'm cool with it. So I'll have it all ready by 5 p.m. tomorrow, and then I may be one of the people chosen to present for the class on Monday. Good times.

Also fun is that the third year of my former employer's grant competition was announced yesterday, in conjunction with President Obama's science initiative; hooray for science fairs. I watched the press conference and demo while eating lunch, and probably spat chili everywhere in a fit of laughter and pointing at the embedded video player as Reggie Love and the Mythbusters guys made appearances. Randomest. White House event. Ever. But seriously, I worked on this thing for 2 years, and it's really cool to see it mentioned at the bottom of a White House press release.

Now I go to the gym, because I used my exercise time yesterday to format slides instead of real physical exertion.

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