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Sausage coma by association.

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Nov. 22nd, 2009 | 01:17 am
mood: okayHanging out in Randostan
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Fewer calories, but also less happiness.

Doctoral lounge, where the statistics happens. Technically, we should be using the master's students lounges, but we're transcending boundaries.
And admiring the chair upholstery.

Good weekend, overall. And I know it's not over yet, but weekends tend to ooze into the end of the week in school. On Thursday night Amanda, Dave, Jordan, John Drain and I sucked down a few pitchers and played darts at 8 Ball, then ventured over to Circus for shots and more beer. These folks are keeping me sane, I tell you.

Amanda, Dave and I tried to study stats on Friday but were too sleepy and hungover to get too far into ANOVA; we did conclude that the acronym should be AOV, but I doubt our instructor is going to be impressed by that. I got a bit more homework done here and there as the evening progressed, then had a good run and some sauna time* at the gym. From there I went directly to Andrew's birthday party at Jolly Pumpkin, which was epically crowded. I randomly discovered with the smokers that they have an amazing rooftop patio, which I will certainly be visiting in the spring. And I spoke to lots of assembled folks I don't see often. But the highlight was certainly hearing about how Scott had made homemade Polish food for he, Danny, Tracy, Tara, and Maria, and the boys had eaten so much that they couldn't stop belting out extremely fragrant burps. Bodily functions are hilarious, y/n?**

Watching the Michigan-Ohio State game with 110,227 of my closest friends.

Saturday morning meant waking up to my neighbors playing beer pong and super loud music at 7:24 a.m. I am too old for this shit. I sort of slept until 10, then got ready and went to Spencer and Scott's tailgate, where I ate donut holes and drank strawberry Andre while yakking with folks. Spencer, Steph and I made our way down to the game and watched the team lose our last game of the season in a fit of lameness. But! It was fun to bitch with the assembled MUPs and try to dodge drunk undergrads as they fell down the bleachers. After the game I joined Abby, Katharine and Lisa for a long early dinner at Noodle Barn, then embarked on an evening of procrastination that should have been more productive. But eh, I don't have any assignments due until Wednesday, so I'm allowing myself to slack a bit.

One thing I did with all this idle time is continue tagging this blog (yes, I've been working on that for a year). I'd forgotten a few interesting tidbits, like the time I met my dad's godfather. He gave me an airplane bottle of rum, an American flag, and a Bud Light poster with a bikini-clad woman on it for my college graduation. LOL smileyface. Also, I had this to say about Oprah in 2006: "Oprah needs to be stopped. Next in line in the retarded trends that she has started is hoodia: the weight-loss wonder drug. Which apparently just makes you so nauseous you don't want to eat. But it comes in lollipop form! Guh. Cyanide should come in lollipop form, and Oprah should start endorsing that. It would be kind of amusing if she endorsed Ann Coulter." ILU, Oprah, I promise!

Now I'm going to bed. Good night, LJ.

*I don't usually get on Medical Miracle kicks, but I'm convinced that spending 15 minutes in the sauna every day cured the awful cough I had for a month. Put on your conspiracy coats and prove me wrong, folks. :]

**Actually, don't answer that.

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Comments {3}

Urban Rebel

(no subject)

from: urbanrebel
date: Nov. 23rd, 2009 06:10 am (UTC)

Wow, that stadium is FULL!

So what's the scoop with tall what's-his-name? ;-)

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(no subject)

from: silverthief2
date: Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:04 pm (UTC)

It's full every game. Imagine what the town looked like afterward; I haven't seen so much trash in a long time.

Nothing happened. We're boring. :]

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Urban Rebel

(no subject)

from: urbanrebel
date: Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:53 pm (UTC)

"Nothing happened. We're boring." :]

I'm disappointed in you. ;-)

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