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Like a sponge.

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Nov. 9th, 2009 | 01:02 pm
mood: predatoryRipping up books with my eyes
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Absorbing for the very first time.

I'm assaulting you with more autumn photos. Because I can.

I'm resisting the tendency for my assignments to expand to fill all of the available time I have to complete them. It's a problem especially because I need to do the laundry, and cook food, and clean the house, but also because I'd like to have time for working out. And going to the bar. And so on. I've done better now than at the start of the semester, but I'll really be tested by the next few weeks.

The problem now is that I feel like my program is doing the same, finding blank spots in our days and weeks and filling them with not mandatory, but really hard-to-justify-missing tasks. Like meetings about how to qualify to do a week-long externship over Spring Break (which I want to do), and professional prep stuff like how to maximize your submissions to conferences. I need this semester to be over soon, but a quiet Thanksgiving break will suffice.

In non-boring news, my pre-birthday (and Steph's post-birthday) celebration at Cafe Habana on Friday night was great. We slowly took over the back room, told some bawdy jokes, got double cocktails without having to 1) ask or 2) pay for more than singles, and eventually Virgilio, his boyfriend (who is a yoga instructor but without a name that I can recall right now), Katharine, Lisa, and I ended up at Fleetwood Diner. Best ham and cheddar omelet ever.

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