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A lukewarm mess, at least.

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Oct. 16th, 2009 | 04:50 pm
mood: excitedexcited
music: This is the first time I've used LJ user tags in a year+.

Blame the multicolored LITs.

I'm in North Carolina for Fall Break, notwithstanding my near-misses in getting here.

Last night, after another intense MM class where each of us had to present our term paper ideas to everyone else, I went out with a bunch of classmates for cheap drinks and sketchiness. I didn't eat enough dinner, so was expecting that the alcohol would make me quite loopy. Instead, I drank really watered-down LITs that were way too sweet and got a stomach ache. But! Dancing to 10 year old songs randomly with Bree, Amy, Amanda, and other folks was a good time, as was almost crying when Amanda's boyfriend arrived at 1:00 from Pittsburgh. Then I made a quick but ill-advised trip to Aut Bar, talked to Jamie and the bartender while having a closing drink (apparently a new tradition?), and went home.

Fortunately I'd already packed. My plan was to sleep on the couch to ensure I'd wake up in time to catch my 7:20 bus, but of course that didn't work. So I hustled out the house for the next bus, the girl collecting tickets didn't care that I was on the wrong one, and thus I still got to the airport in time for my flight. I mostly slept through that, then Gary picked me up and we had lunch at Hog Heaven! I'd never tried their chicken and dumplings before, but I think I will again someday. And we spent lunch talking about grad school, and I felt much more like a person after having hot food.

Following that he dropped me off at stroszek2000's house, we talked for a long time, and then I took a shower to get the DC-9 smell off of me. Hah. Since then I wandered to West Campus for a chai and stopped in to see shadedlight at her office (we're also having dinner later!). And I rounded out my wandering with stopping by the Franklin Center to say hi to whoever was in the building, turned out to be Ruby and Mandy (also having lunch with them on Tuesday! Running out of meal slots here) and an extended conversation with Nancy. She also gave me a T-shirt. Soo I'm trying to avoid creepy multicolored LITs in an attempt to be alert for all of this visiting time.

As for Durham, it really doesn't feel all that different because it's barely been two months to the day since I left. But I still <3 it, and the weather is pretty awesome too. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to go to Raleigh. For brunch research with ballyhoo, of course.

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