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Aug. 29th, 2009 | 02:23 pm
mood: curiouscurious
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Florida has it.

Got back from Florida yesterday afternoon. I have never had a vacation like that. I always claimed that I didn't get Florida (not that the whole state is one static experience), but this trip confirmed that it's a place that many people like very much and even if I'm not one of them, I can still enjoy a visit there. In brief:

I got upgraded on the flights both directions, complete with Greek salads, fresh fruit, and unlimited coffee (hint: Delta treats some passengers more equally than others). Chadd picked me up at the airport on Tuesday and whisked me out to dinner, knowing that I wanted fresh seafood. Then we went over to the condo he had rented for the week; 3 bedrooms, with a balcony overlooking the Gulf where we ate breakfast every day.

Wednesday was filled with shopping and browsing, first for coffee for me and then a thank-you gift for one of his friends that had put him up in another beach condo the weekend prior (tough life out here). That night we hung around watching TV and eating queso dip that we concocted, followed by a trip to the hot tub.

And on Thursday it was finally sunny so we hung around on the beach reading books, as well as the pool and hot tub. I thought we had a reservation that night at the same place we'd had dinner on Tuesday, and we did, kind of. After attempting to watch the sunset on beach chairs and failing because clouds had come in, I turned around to head across the street to the restaurant and there was a table for two set right there. On the beach. I totally didn't believe him, until his friend Kat (it was her property) came and announced we would be dining in the western satellite of the restaurant. And then our server came, from across the street, to give us menus and deliver beers. Chadd spent half the day arranging dinner on the beach, being careful that I didn't notice what he was doing. So. We had crab legs and seared yellowfin tuna and Stellas right there. Like I said, I've never had a vacation like this. Later in the evening we trekked to a gay bar in St. Petersburg, and it was all right though a little chaotic. I stand by my assertion that everyone in Florida is old, even the underage.

Then we slept and on Friday morning I packed up before having breakfast at a great greasy spoon called Kenny's Korner. It was full of cops, old men with thick New Jersey accents, and German tourists, which is usually a good sign. :] The eggs and sausage and coffee were great, then Chadd drove me to the airport and walked me to check-in, then I flew back here. The entire trip was awesome, and presents a conundrum: are we going to continue dating? All signs pointed to no when we both moved out of NC, and this was just going to be a fun visit. But now I don't really know, even though I hate dating across distance and he has never done it (and of course he isn't fond of the idea either). That remains undecided as of now.

Other than enjoying the trip and wondering what is going on with us next, the biggest item on my mind is achieving balance as I start life up here. I have some ideas for how to stay balanced and make the most of the first year and especially the first semester, and I'll finally get to test them when everything gets underway beginning Tuesday. For now Chadd and I are both fine to wait a while before considering what we should do, so I can focus on this stuff.

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(no subject)

from: gotterdamerung
date: Aug. 31st, 2009 02:03 am (UTC)

If it is meant to work across the distance, your heart and mind will tell you, and you will make it work.

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