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Hello, Michigan.

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Aug. 19th, 2009 | 08:55 pm
mood: highblue and maize
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And what is up with the blazing hot weather?

I am tired but happy to report that I've arrived at my new house in Ann Arbor. I made it around 1:45 this afternoon, after leaving Durham around 10:00 a.m. Monday and stopping overnight in D.C. and Pittsburgh. At some point I might write about the journey, but I also may not as I have so much else to do. For now, I'm feeling incredibly lucky that everything has gone so smoothly. Suffice it to say that my very overstuffed car made it without breaking down, being broken into, being hit by speeding motorists or truckers, or any other calamity.

As for arriving here, I was a little worried about what the condition of the house would be, since it had had three subletters and zero leaseholders since June. Compounding the anxiety was a call from one roommate when I was just an hour away asking if I could let the cleaning folks he had hired in on Friday. Fortunately, the house was quite clean when I got here and the subletters had already moved out, so I'm sitting in a quite habitable and very quiet place, just what I need tonight. The house is also well-stocked with cleaning supplies for the future. The Friday folks will have plenty to do, though, as the subletters clearly didn't touch many parts of the house that have dust and cobwebs. And the upstairs bathroom door was shut and the air in there was awfully stale, made me cough just by being in there for a minute. I have been airing it out but it will need more than that.

Another lucky thing: my four packages were delivered yesterday, and I was afraid of their fate if no one was around to put them inside, but all were sitting on the porch when I drove up. The mailman came by and let me know that such a calamity had happened on his day off and that he wouldn't have left them so vulnerable. Heh. Anyhow, I will be adding my name to the mailbox tomorrow to ensure delivery of stuff, and I'll also be here to get it inside.

I got a lot more done than I expected to given my arrival time: had lunch while catching up on email and Facebook, got my ID card* and straightened out my financial aid, unloaded about half the car (I was even able to fold up the backseats), and bought some groceries and came back to eat something better than Ohio Turnpike food. Salads are amazing when you haven't been able to find a fresh one in over a week. Also, I have apples and yogurt for healthier snacking.

Of course, I'm nowhere close to done with my List of Doom. Tomorrow morning I need to unload the rest of the car, then go out and see if I can find a bed (sleeping on the couch for tonight) and a wardrobe or something to substitute for a closet (my bedroom doesn't have one). I also have to mail a couple of small packages, not that I know where there is a post office yet. And I have one final loan document I need to fill out, which will also require printing; I no longer own a printer so I'll have to do that on campus. Woo, fun. Also, my bedroom has someone else's stuff in it, which I'll need to move out before I can start configuring it for myself. But in the fun department, I'm having dinner with Sarah B. tomorrow! Yay for one of the only people I (so far) know in this town!

If this is the hardest that the whole process gets I'm grateful, because this isn't all that bad. I just need to recharge enough to continue tomorrow. Going to crash now. Thanks for your support as I traversed the Rust Belt, internet.

*I don't especially like my photo on the card. This was also going to be a GPOYW post, but I look totally frumpy and gross from walking around and sweating all day. On the card, I look very obviously tired and in need of a haircut, but when the sooper courteous girl working the counter showed me the photo, I was too tired to protest and ask for another one. Hah.

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(no subject)

from: silverthief2
date: Aug. 20th, 2009 11:34 am (UTC)

Yesterday may have been the last of it, as we're expecting a high of 81 today. For me that's pretty extraordinary for August. :P

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