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Packing update.

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Aug. 12th, 2009 | 03:14 am
mood: hotClutching the a/c unit

Moving during the hottest week of the year = highly recommended

Spent the entire day doing moving-related errands and packing. I started the day by closing my account at the credit union (*sob*) without incident and deposited that $ in my other bank account, and managed to run into both Sarah R. and Patty from the Provost's Office while there. I also got the internet and light bills squared away, woo.

Then I spent most of the afternoon and evening packing clothes and wrapping breakable stuff in newspaper, fueled by a chicken/roasted pepper/mozzarella panini and a salad from Toast, probably my last visit there (*sob* again). And I've also been listing my furniture on Craigslist and fielding responses; so far the desk and desk chair have been sold (to different people, no less), as well as the transparent plastic chair that was in the living room. I'm waiting for the couch, dining room set, and dresser to go next. Gah.

My plan for the rest of the week is: take another round of stuff to Goodwill, then continue to pack and load the already half-full car on Wednesday, disassemble and deflate items on Thursday, major cleaning and house mending on Friday, and whatever isn't yet done on Saturday, all the while getting my furniture into the hands of others. I'm sure it won't go as smoothly as this, but I need a plan so as to not be completely overwhelmed. I will be relieved when this is over, but it feels shitty that the prize for getting all packed and moved up to a new place is a house where I will have no bed (and very little other furniture) and have to start all over in filling and decorating.

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