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Stuffing everything I own into a car-sized cube.

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Aug. 8th, 2009 | 10:03 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Shakira is going to buy my couch.

With a bit of cheating made possible by the Post Office.

I spent most of the day cleaning out my study and packing. It was tiring, but before we get to that, I should provide context for why I'm so tired. Which also gives the opportunity for a nice chronological narrative, something my blog too often lacks.

After I posted my photo with glasses on Wednesday I went to The Realtor's house, we chatted about his plans to spend time in Florida now that his job has (expectedly) ended and then went to BBB for dinner. Love the view from this place, and the burgers were decent too. Sad that I just found out about it. Later we sat in his backyard and drank beers in the rain while talking about everything and nothing. I learned a bit about homebuying, and we bonded in a way that we perhaps had not prior (also, I originally left the first D out of "bonded," haha). Then I spent the night there.

My night of sleep there was not too restful due to my violent tossing and turning and laying on my arms, but I managed to pull myself together, say goodbye to The Realtor, and get back to Durham on Thursday morning. I spent some time at Caribou getting loose ends tied up and reading, then did the usual routine of throwing out crap I won't take with me, followed by a run around West Campus at sunset.

Friday was sort of nuts. I woke up late and enjoyed the sleep but really needed extra hours to deal with the day. I called the UM Financial Aid folks and discovered which hoops I'd need to jump through to get a student loan re-attached to my account, then spent time driving between the Duke library (where I can't print anymore) and Kinko's, but by 5:30 p.m. I had managed to give them what they needed: an estimate of the cost of a new computer, new digital camera, and giant USB thumb drive as mandated by my program. Woo. Once the loan is actually released, I get to go shopping. :D While I was on campus, I also conned the DukeCard Office into reinstating my gym membership (more bureaucracy I don't want to write about and you likely don't want to read), then went there and had a good workout.

Later in the evening was Gary's welcome-back-to-NC party at Jon Barnes' house. I drove over with Matt, Leland, and two bottles of white wine and we spent the evening playing Wii and RockBand and bitching with Chase, Caleb, Tripp, and Tripp's boyfriend. The only consequence was that I got home at 3 and went to bed at 4, and woke up at ...

6:53 today, y'all. WTH, body, I need more than 3 hours of sleep. Anyhow, I used the time productively by walking to Bruegger's for a tub of iced coffee and a bagel sammich, then took OJ for an oil change and new taillight. While Rick Hendrick's folks were futzing with my car, I walked up to the farmers' market and wandered around, then meandered through downtown and back there, only to wait another long while. And yes, they have wifi now, but they also have ants in their waiting room. Randomness. But! The nice thing was that they washed, vacuuumed, and detailed my car, probably because they found it so icky, haha. Now I don't have to spend extra time and money doing that and can start packing it up ASAP.

When I returned I started about 7 hours of sorting through crap in the study and packing what I could, taking a break only to have a plate of chicken nuggets. Most of the college memorabilia, photos, and notes I'm saving are organized, as well as the office supplies and I have set aside what I'll be giving away from that room. Tomorrow I'll work on getting all the financial documents in order. I am not so happy at the many hours of further packing and selling stuff that lie ahead this week, but I have realized that it's important to have rewards on hand: long hot showers, blasting the a/c overnight to allow comfortable sleep, sneaking away to the gym for an hour even if I don't really have the time, and yes, plates of chicken nuggets. With such comforts I will make it through this process and be less crabby! I hope.

With that I am going to bed at 11:00 on Saturday night! Bye, LJ.

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