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My house is falling in on me.

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Jun. 28th, 2009 | 02:08 pm
mood: grumpygrumpy
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But at least the smoking pile of rubble will have wifi until Wednesday.

So. I haven't spent much time in my house in the last few days because it's been so hot. After a very sleepless Thursday night, caused both by the heat and drinking too much evening coffee at Francesca's with STNMC, I worked from 7:30 a.m. to noon on Friday before going home to nap. That evening, I watched Rushmore (grade: A-) and various TV on DVD at Matt and Leland's house as we drank tons of beer and played cards, and I stayed there overnight since their window units work better than mine. In the morning, we went to the farmers' market at U Mall and had brunch at Weathervane, then I returned home to read books and sweat. In the evening, I went to the gym and then prepared to go over to The Realtor's house, and discovered that the lights weren't working in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or backyard. So either I blew a fuse or the dude that was installing an awning in the attached apartment did. Bah.

Anyhow, The Realtor and I cooked dinner and sat around watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall (grade: C) last night, and this morning I came back here and tried to figure out which fuse is blown. No. Idea. Nevertheless, there's nothing mission critical that was taken down by it (all appliances and a/c units and ceiling fans still work fine), so I'll deal with it later. For now, I'm going to the library to finish reading some books and check out some more. Oh, and yes, I will have no internet after Wednesday. Still figuring out whether I should get a broadband card or what.

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