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The work coffee machine dispenses happiness.

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Jun. 19th, 2009 | 03:42 pm
mood: okaywatching the clock
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Also, some gross brown liquid.

I desperately need this weekend to start and am on lots of caffeine in an attempt to make it through the day. Tuesday through today have been a rush of meetings and interviews at work (though I did get some good news*), followed by me going home to discover I have no food and the house is a billion degrees. Then I went out to both get food and convince my friends that I do still exist.

On Wednesday, Tyler and I had dinner at Noodle Barn, then met up with Matt, Leland, Chadd, Brock, John, Seth, Teddy, and a billion other random people for another gay night at Fuse. I like Fuse a lot, but I was unsure of whether it's the best place for such a large and loud event. But we got to sit on the porch! Also, here is a photo of Leland and me from Matt's blog; my pants look like they were painted on. D:

Last night I had to turn down a cookout invitation to first catch up at work (didn't leave until 8) and then have a night to be a hermit and do nothing. Then I returned to the gym and actually had a productive workout. I also consider it a triumph to not fall off the treadmill when it is on 4.0 elevation.

*My hotel points associated with planning our giant event in Chicago in April are finally going to be deposited into my account. It's nice to receive more than admiration for these sorts of things.

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