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Things that fall apart on command.

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May. 26th, 2009 | 07:13 pm
mood: hotRenting is hard work.
music: Kanye West "Coldest Winter" (might I also note my last.fm widget is broke again)

Aging urban infrastructure edition.

I returned from the beach on Sunday night to a very unpleasant looking house, inside and out. When I left Friday, the City of Durham had been scraping away pavement in my neighborhood in preparation for laying new. And perhaps the crew was rushing to get out of town like I was that day, but they left a mess in the curb. There was an overturned bucket half-full of dried concrete in the gutter, with fresh cement that had dribbled out of it all the way to the storm drain. And the weeds growing in my berm were higher than ever (my fault, of course). My next door neighbor had also emailed to sheepishly ask if he could trim back the wisteria growing over my backyard fence, across the creek/ditch, and approaching his yard. I hadn't noticed the situation was getting that bad because both of my floodlights had burned out over the last couple of weeks. And the kitchen garbage made the house smell pretty awful.

So! I cleaned the house some yesterday, will be going to buy more light bulbs in a sec, told my neighbor to trim away and that I'd contain my own backyard vines soon, and will tame the weeds after work tomorrow. The City was back and jackhammering my street this morning, and I came home to find the bucket gone, heh.

Now you know why I went to the beach in the first place.

Finally, before I forget: in my dreams last night, I did the following things:
  • Moved to Philadelphia for the summer
  • Thought I was going to grad school at Rutgers for a moment
  • Started playing sax
  • Showed up to band practice to discover my sax had been stolen
  • Was offered a large flute-shaped glass of wine by my bandmates to console my grief over the stolen instrument

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