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The kid who won't stop going to LDOC.

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Apr. 26th, 2009 | 04:15 pm
mood: chipper"There's sandwiches in there!"
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An annual story.

Have I mentioned how glad I am to be back in NC? I know I have, but it's still true. The best day was really Wednesday, the first day back, as I arrived too late (3:30 p.m.) to actually go in to work. Conveniently, that was also Last Day of Classes at Duke, with Girl Talk and Ben Folds providing the music. I do really like the community event feel of this event, being that it is a) free, b) outside, and c) features usually popular musical talent. I also met more non-Dukies there this time than ever before, and it was overall good times (follow my LDOC tag for stories of previous years).

John and me

Best costume of LDOC: Legends of the Hidden Temple contestants

My flight on Wednesday actually landed a bit early, though in awful winds that created a nauseating approach, and I queried people for interest in attending while waiting for my luggage. Then I stopped at Kroger for supplies (Yuengling and Joose, which is apparently an off-brand Sparks and I only link to their website because it is at turns hilarious and frightening), came home to eat, then picked up Matt L. and Leland at their house. We had tequila sunrises with no genadine to start, and talked to Matt's friend from work while drinking. Also, in our attempt to find an uncrowded bathroom, we stumbled into the opening band's holding room, with mountains of uneaten sammiches. And we ran into a girl who goes to UNCG Eventually John (fousheezy) and his friend Patrick from UNC Med School showed up and I also ran into people I knew (including girls) in the men's room. Good times. Girl Talk was pretty good but the crowd was too mad crazy for us to get nearby, so we admired his toilet paper blowers from afar and expressed regret that he didn't get completely naked as in previous shows. Hah.

Matt and Leland

Patrick and John

Later in the evening, I spent some time with Ruthan, Josh, their barista, and (briefly) Jeff and Matt Ly. (I'm running out of unique descriptors as I meet more people) and all the folks he brought with him at the Pauly Dogs cart. This turned out to be the second annual such gathering and was great fun, as we convinced each other to try new hot dog types. And Rufs bought me a Chip Plus! :D To end the night, I met up with Mer (shadedlight) on the Chapel steps and we chatted for a while, before she graciously drove me and others home. Good times.

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