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I left my anxiety at the mall.

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Apr. 11th, 2009 | 06:45 pm
mood: apatheticunleavened
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And came back with 80 sample fragrances sprayed all over my arms.

Sometimes a bit of shopping is in order on a lazy Saturday. I just returned from a couple of hours looking for ties (I found one, 40% off) and smelling fragrances (reason enough to break out the White Diamonds icon!) and running into acquaintances with Chris. People we saw: DSL Greg, some of Chris' former students, one of his photographer friends, my POMP co-workers. We didn't even tackle the outdoor portion, though the weather was so nice that we could have.

Another fun gathering this week: cooked dinner for Tyler, Matt, and Leland on Wednesday night at my house. Tyler and I shopped for supplies at Kroger, where a gallon jug of milk leapt unaided out of the cooler behind us as we waited to self-checkout. Milk likes me. Also, our self-checkouts got a software update; rounded corners on touch-screen buttons are v. important. The menu was chicken quesadillas, corn and black bean dip with tortilla chips, and super Spanish rice. With liberal doses of cilantro and sour cream. All quite nice, and Matt brought Whole Foods wine.

Other than that, life has been me at my desk at work toiling away or out running or reading books. Things will get less stressful and more interesting soon enough; stay tuned! Tomorrow I'm half-considering going to Easter Sunrise services, but I'm also half-considering going to Jody's Passover Party tonight, so I'm not sure whether these commitments will work out in tandem.

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