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Explosions of unproductivity.

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Mar. 19th, 2009 | 12:11 am
mood: moroseI broke all my muscles
music: Eating pastas to fix them ASAP

Amid bursts of exercise.

I can't keep a healthy routine going for as long as I want it to last. Yes, still going to the gym, but yes, still eating badly and at the wrong times and with too much Diet Coke. I've kind of stopped wishing that work is going to moderate and just figured out how to work around the madness; that's actually bringing some success, but it's still not the best way to function for 40 hours per week. And today I missed out on getting a drink with Caroline because I didn't see her Gmail messages until hours after she had sent them; bah.

But good events have also buoyed me this week. SMNMC was hilarious; Jody, Tyler, Chris and me at Elmo's eating huge piles of comfort food and speculating about how to go about sleeping with a 7-foot tall guy. And then we moved the party to Parizade for drinks at a tiny table surrounded by cougars, and it was still tons of fun. Also, I filled out a bracket and entered a tournament pool that has a chance at not totally sucking this year! Hooray. I am half-considering taking a day off from work next week to watch basketball for hours.

I have real film to develop. Well, for Walgreen's to develop. I'm not that fancy. I am nevertheless excited about the results. And I have fresh flowers on my dining room table; my front yard is exploding in flowers. Can't argue with spring.

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