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Jonathan 1, Oppressively Long Task List, 0.

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Feb. 28th, 2009 | 07:24 pm
mood: hyperI feel it in my heartbeat
music: Er, maybe that's tachycardia. BRB.

This means I get an extra weekend day, right?

UCI changed their copy cards! Why would you not want to display the cute yellow anteater all over everything?!

I'm a bit in shock at how much I've accomplished in the last two days. I was overscheduled to the breaking point yesterday, but managed to get through all of it swimmingly and even tack on some fun to the end of the evening. At work we spent the whole day making final preparations for the Chicago trip next week. After fighting with two printers, I have fancy tent cards for everyone, grubbybastard. :] Actually I'm not quite finished, so I'll be going into the office tomorrow to pick up the materials to carry with me and make a couple of last-minute changes. I left promptly at 5:45 to make a 6:00 dinner with Jon Barnes, we talked grad school and GREs and such, and then I reported promptly at 7:00 to West Campus to participate in a Duke donor event (which deserves its own paragraph).

I received an invitation only on Thursday to be a smiling example of a young alum that benefitted from financial aid as another young alum spoke to a crowd of major donors to the Financial Aid Initiative and the trustees about how getting financial aid afforded her opportunities. Also speaking with smiling silent examples behind them were undergrads, graduate and professional students, and student athletes; total of 5 speakers and 60 happy silent people in matching T-shirts behind them. A pro event planning group served as our stage managers, and walked us through what to do while they fed us; I sat with some athletes during that portion of the evening who were nice but didn't quite understand the irony of discussing the locker rooms with Wiis and LCD TVs at an event like this. Then we were bussed to the ballroom and waited for our cue for a loooong time; at least during that time I talked with our group: Mary Reid and her husband (!) who were in town just for this, as well as Angela, the wife of a '99 grad, and Eileene, our speaker. Eileene and I talked fundraising for a while, as she leads a nonprofit center in WV; she truly was a great choice to speak; raised by her illiterate great aunt who believed that books would corrupt her and so she had to hide them, now empowering Appalachian women and on her way to law school at UVA. I need to find her on Facebook and send a link to our work; she'd be interested, surely. Following the presentation, we accepted kudos by the bagful at the dessert reception. It was actually more nerve-wracking to try to speak to them individually than to be on stage in front of all 100 of them, but that's just how my anxieties roll. They were all very nice, and there were some moments of hilarity, like when the champagne server carded me despite my having a wristband and four women of a certain age looking on expressed their jealousy. :P

And after all that, I wanted to play. So I went to Chapel Hill to join fousheezy and his friends on Franklin St. We had LITs at Linda's and apparently alienated the guy wearing an FCA T-shirt when the conversation ventured into abortion, then went to Coffee Shop for LITs and cream sodas (vanilla vodka and ginger ale: A+, would use this seller again), then a bit more socializing in John's kitchen. Turns out that Monty is a good friend of Zach (former co-worker); super funny how small this world can be. And John got his first paycheck at midnight and bought an iPhone!

Today has been catch-up day. As of this morning I still hadn't fully unpacked, my house was a mess, and I had a pile of undone tasks, both work and personal. I woke up at 9:30, showered, and organized the house like nothing else. I even found a block of petrified colby jack cheese behind the couch. D: I'm guessing that came from Matt's birthday party, and this means it had been there for 5 weeks, and it wasn't moldy. What kinda preservatives is Kraft shooting into that stuff? Anyhow, I finished that in time to go running at the gym with Ian; 3 miles later, we knew more about each other's professional aspirations and had managed to alienate everyone else on the track with our irregular pace. And I have rarely gotten a day's workout in that early.

I returned home to put a chicken and some veggies in the Crock Pot, which took more time than I had budgeted. Damn you, carrot peelings and garlic skins! Then I went off to my office to pay all of my bills and get my FAFSA squared away, though first had to respond to some work e-mails. In order to complete the FAFSA, I of course had to file my taxes (most of the way), so that also happened. All told, I was in my office for four hours. But I did finish what I needed to do, and also sent some e-mails to my other recommenders to keep them apprised of my grad school decisions, which was much delayed.

I said all of that to say I can barely believe I've accomplished all of this. Were I not fully healthy, or if my mind wasn't as clear as it has been, there is no way I could have caught up on life in this way, so. Praise be to the gods of productivity! Tomorrow I still have to write a meaty work blog entry, do the laundry, pack, and knock out a hundred tiny tasks (like telling the flower woman for my April conference that her tulips be too dang espensive!). For now, I am going to have a fabulous dinner and a cup of the fancy Russian tea that I splurged on at Parker & Otis. What a good decision investing in nice tea is.

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