jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

I love my spontaneously dividing house.

Pretty soon I'll have two!

After living for almost 2.5 years in a very new and very slick apartment complex, moving into my current house really cemented my love of old houses and ensured that I will seek them out whenever I can. But the quirkiness of this house has surpassed interesting and is just getting comical at this point. As I walked out to the backyard with a load of laundry to put in the dryer (which is in an attached shed; not sure why my landlady didn't just put a stackable where the current washing machine is), I almost knocked myself out trying to open the back gate. Because it had been locked from the outside. I'm still not sure why it has locks on both sides; to keep me from getting out? :P Anyway, I went around through the front, got to the dryer, and found a 20-pound sack of concrete mix on the floor in front of the dryer. Apparently we're getting upgraded from dirt somewhere? Not really sure.

But on the plus side, I really have finished decorating and turning this house into my own, and that was verified by pregaming on Friday, where I invited a few folks over to have drinks before Thrive, and those few became a dozen. Sam hadn't seen the house since September, and Daniel, Jianghai, and Florian since December (I think), and everyone else was here for the first time. So it was nice to get compliments on how it looks like a real house now, because it does! I know I've promised photos, and they are really forthcoming, I swear! Also, I took photos of the folks that came over with a disposable camera I inherited from Emily, and I'm really looking forward to seeing those whenever I finish the roll of film and take it to a Walgreens, lol.

Thrive itself was also pretty swell; it's certainly improved from its first two iterations. That capped a full week of shenanigans, after SMNMC on Monday, watching the Duke-Carolina game at Six Plates with Tyler, Caroline, and Rachel on Wednesday, and beer and cheesecake at Jason C.'s house on Thursday with he, Matt, Leland, and a brief appearance by Justin. I am all socialized and ready for a week of business travel, beginning Tuesday.

Time to go get a haircut!
Tags: 2111 west knox, bar hopping, college basketball, durham, six plates
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