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Books I've read in 2009.

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Feb. 7th, 2009 | 04:09 pm
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music: But not sufficiently motivated to go to the kitchen.

Now it's a yearly tradition!

I will redirect your attention to this entry later in the year, when there is more content posted.

Eran Ben-Joseph The Code of the City: Standards and the Hidden Language of Place Making
Kate Ascher The Works: Anatomy of a City
Harvey J. Graff The Dallas Myth: The Making and Unmaking of an American City
Andrew Grove Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company and Career
Marco D'Eramo The Pig and the Skyscraper: Chicago: A History of Our Future
Ronald T. Wilcox Whatever Happened to Thrift?: Why Americans Don't Save and What to Do about It
George S. Rigakos Nightclub: Bouncers, Risk, and the Spectacle of Consumption
David Brooks Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There
Reynolds Farley, Sheldon Danziger, and Harry J. Holden Detroit Divided (in progress)
Lloyd Rowdin and Bishwapriya Sanyal, eds. The Profession of City Planning: Changes, Images, and Challenges, 1950-2000 (in progress)
Richard Florida Who's Your City?: How the Creative Economy Is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life
Pauli Murray Proud Shoes: The Story of an American Family (in progress)
Elizabeth Gilbert Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

Last updated: 09/08/09
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Re: wow

from: silverthief2
date: Feb. 8th, 2009 08:15 pm (UTC)

I'm probably just dividing my attention inefficiently and it'll take me longer to read them like this than if I'd gone one at a time. But I'm still enjoying them.

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