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My office has reached its nadir.

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Jan. 29th, 2009 | 06:18 pm
mood: nerdyquasi-organized
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Space heater as HVAC, only 200 pounds of paper on my desk.

It's no surprise given that we went through this last year, but this has been an extremely busy January. We had a lovely guest speaker (and one of my favorites from the HASTAC world) come in Monday and Tuesday, and had an awesome dinner with her at Revolution on Monday night, then she got to have dinner with our namesake on Tuesday night. Also, her Tuesday lunch lecture was packed and we ran out of food, but definitely that was an okay thing because she got tons of suggestions for how to market her project to funders!

And I have spent yesterday and today in budget limbo. I am most of the way through it, thankfully, and am now moving on to event planning. Dear Hilton, please take all or our departmental funds and spew out a nice exhibit hall in return. Love, Jonathan

On the social side of life, Stir on Sunday was great. I have reached the point where I know at least a dozen people in attendance, and was introduced around to lots of other folks, though most were straight girls. Um, and Mike S.'s love of Whitney Houston on the dance floor riled us up in all the right ways. On Monday I missed SMNMC due to the aforementioned dinner, but Tyler was nice enough to go out and have a wind-down drink with me at the Federal. Of course he got free drinks out of it, so he had some motivation outside of generosity. :) And last night, Caroline and I got dinner at the James Joyce and watched the Duke-Wake Forest game, and ran into my next-door office neighbor there.

I'm headed to STNMC in a few minutes; not that I know what I'm taking to the potluck thingy. Kroger shall help me decide, I predict.

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