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Normalcy found!

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Jan. 21st, 2009 | 08:54 pm
mood: fullfull of lasagna
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It was in my bed the whole time.

This week is mercifully normal! I am healthy and able to walk to work and go to the gym once again, and I have plenty of duties at work that aren't unpleasant! I'm even drinking lots of water throughout the day and am still cooking most of my food. It would have been hard to imagine a week ago that everything would work out into a normal routine so quickly, but I am praising whatever karmic forces are responsible.

The big news around these parts is that it snowed on Monday night and Tuesday. About 4 inches at my house. I was giddy because at least it provided a reason for the cold temps, and of course snow is kind of fun. I walked to work as usual on Tuesday, but not many other people made it in; the building was pretty dead. Those of us that were there gathered in the big room to watch the inauguration on C-SPAN and eat pizza, so I didn't get a ton done, but that was still a lot of fun. And I was able to make my way home around 5:15, then go to the post office to mail a book I sold and go to the gym. Where many treadmills were broken and the rest very full, so I opted for the indoor track instead. Maybe I kind of overdid it, but it felt nice to move again.

After a somewhat trying but very full day of work today, Matt and I went to a seminar on sustainable food systems on campus, and got to hear from a winemaker, a pastry and cake maker, and a cheesemaker that are all local. Then we got to sample their merlots and camemberts and breads and cookies! Good times. And while I was dropping him off after that, Momma called and we talked for the first time in three weeks. All of the snow is gone from the streets, at least the streets I frequent, and no more is forecast, but there are still school delays on tap for tomorrow. Keep on fulfilling our children's dreams, North Carolina!

I think I'll finish reading my library books now. I've only had them since October.

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