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Hurricane Jonathan-is-Going-Home-Early.

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Jan. 7th, 2009 | 05:56 pm
mood: irritatedsoggy
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Unfortunately, it makes landfall as I leave to go home. Hence the name.

Well, that was a fun walk home. I was extremely diligent at work today, so I was able to leave quite early (5:30, which is a normal clock-out time for most white-collar folks, I know, but I'm more of a 10-7 kind of dude). And since I had not left the building at all since arriving, all I knew of the weather was gleaned from looking out the window, and it didn't seem so bad. Just windy. Well. Before I was halfway home, huge raindrops started falling from the very purple clouds and the wind kicked up like crazy. I spent the rest of the way home trying to keep my laptop case under the umbrella, and trying to keep the umbrella from flying out of my hand, and trying not to drop the bag with my shoes and lunchbox while screaming at the clouds to spare my Macbook. So. Now I'm wet and sniffly and wish that I had stayed at work until the storm passed.

But I did make it, and my computer stayed dry, and as a reward for making it home, I'm not going to the gym until much later. Take that, physical fitness. Even though I would drive there, it's not the best idea to go now anyway, because I'd be fighting multiple people for treadmills. So I think I'm going to eat dinner while curled up in sweat pants. In bed.

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