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Happy 97th birthday, New Mexico!

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Jan. 7th, 2009 | 12:08 am
mood: nerdynerdy
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Your gift from the nation is ... Bill Richardson back?

Okay, I'm a little late with this announcement, as it is only my home state's birthday for two more hours there, but still. It hasn't collapsed or been returned to Original Mexico yet! All good signs.

Recent news with me? I have completely finished 5 of 6 graduate school apps, thank Madonna. The final one isn't due until February 2, but I'll probably try to knock it out within a week because I have a very long conference to attend over MLK weekend. And then I have to fill out a FAFSA, a scholarship application, and do my taxes. I hate being an adult right now.

I suppose being 25 has allowed me to go to bars, though, and that's nice. Sunday at Stir went like this: Matt L., Leland, their friend Jason, and our Jason descended on my house for a quick round of pregaming, then we drove off to Chapel Hill. Crowd = decent. DJ = still causing pants removal at a feverish rate. I mostly drank beer and talked to John and some of his Carolina friends. And on Monday Tyler and I met Jason and Matt at Pinhook, Durham's new home for misplaced Brooklyn hipsters. I did like it, and we spent a couple of hours telling offensive jokes and admiring the Lite Brite set. Also, we walked by Revolution on the way to and from the car and I had to restrain myself from licking the windows.

Work has been steadily busy. I never cleaned off my desk, but am organizing slowly in between projects. My boss starts teaching tomorrow for the first time in years; I have to copy syllabi and help schedule her office hours, but otherwise there isn't much work associated with that yet. I have dutifully walked there both days this week, and am even wearing business casual clothing. Some of the people in my hall probably think I was replaced by a good twin over Christmas.

And I bought new gym shoes at the mall, where Tyler dutifully accompanied me so I wouldn't get attacked by swarms of gays. And we saw Sam and his friend Teddy there. And I also bought grey slacks, a button down shirt, and two pairs of boxers at Old Navy for $30. So I used the remainder of my fundz for the week on a giant grocery trip today. So now I need to put a chicken in the Crock Pot, so as to have a lunch to tote to work tomorrow. Bye, LJ! Don't collapse and die tonight, plz.

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