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When interest rates literally can't go any lower, you only get bullets.

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Dec. 17th, 2008 | 12:59 am
mood: tiredtired
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I have to sell my complete sentences on Amazon.

-Work piled up surprisingly quickly given that tons of people are already out on Xmas vacation.
-Ate poor quality lunch from Grace's
-Watched cops direct traffic as the light at the corner was out; they're really good at it.
-Had serious problems with image compression
-Tyler attempted to help with said problems, then saw our art exhibit
-Dinner at Elmo's
-SMNMC in a very crowded Vita

-Rolled out of bed, drove to work; it took me ten minutes to park due to new utility poles being installed (same reason light was out yesterday).
-Helped write excruciatingly complex budgets
-Late lunch at Toast with Matt L. The butternut squash soup won at winter.
-Long but okay staff meeting
-Holiday happy hour at Six Plates! They had bomb-ass shrimp tempura.
-Came home for gym clothes and ginger ale, went to work out; Lady at the Front Desk: "You've got 25 minutes." Fucking holiday hours.
-Rushed through workout, went to feed Chris' cats
-Dinner at home, realizing at 10:45 that I had to submit an application by midnight
-Had a conniption, then finished off the essay and got it done in time (it was for University of Maryland, if you're keeping track)
-Ice cream

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