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Beverages I've had in the last 6 hours:

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Dec. 6th, 2008 | 08:29 pm
mood: sillyMore liquid than usual

Two glasses of water, one of Diet Pepsi, two of sweet tea, one beer. Time to splode.

Was Sunny von Bülow's story the inspiration for Match Point (except that Scarlet Johansson wasn't drugged)? And was Volver based on Lana Turner's daughter killing her mother's husband? How did I not see connections between this shit until now?

Random film rants aside, the past 48 hours have been sweet. As I mentioned in the last entry, I ended the workday yesterday with a reception in honor of FHI's tenth anniversary, and it was much more fun than I was expecting. First of all, they went all out on the menu and there was champagne, amazing baked brie, and chicken salad cups. Second, I ran into Irene, one of my favorite Culanth professors, and we spent a long time talking as I gave her updates on life; I have to remember to keep her updated on the status of my grad school apps. Third, I was mega-social and ended up talking to a couple of acquaintances, met a grad student that works with us virtually, and talked to Mandy for a long time. I'm also super impressed that Srinivas rattle off the names of all ten seminars from memory.

After much last-minute decorating and cleaning, with Tyler's help, and also making boatloads of hummus and meatballs, the party went swimmingly. I missed a few people that had said they were coming, likely due to end-of-semester madness, but it was still pretty amazing and it was great to see everyone. I went through half of the champagne I'd bought and probably 25% of all the other beverages, mainly because six or seven people brought vodka and cranberry juice (and gin and beer and ... ). The hummus and meatballs were popular though, and there are no leftovers! Success. I also got a lot of positive comments on my house, including many who think I bought it. Much as I would love to be a homeowner right now, this house has more structural issues than I could take as a first-time homeowner. Thus, renting FTW.

Cleaning up today was pretty simple, and then I had an extremely late brunch at Panera with Tyler, where much of my recent liquid consumption went down. Also, his family seems to be having trouble figuring out pant sizes and it was amusing. Now it's dark and rainy and I'm not too excited about the next six weeks because I like to see the sun. Ah well, I'll just pretend I'm in Alaska and Sarah Palin never came back form the campaign trail. In a while I have to go to Raleigh to Lee's party; it'll be a long drive and it's cold, but at least I'm bringing an olive branch, vodka, and Coke Zero.

Finally, remember all my whining about the last.fm widget not working? It turns out my last.fm claims not to have scrobbled anything since November 29, and I've been trying for two days to fix it. Uninstall and reinstall is next. Hate.

ETA at 10:31 a.m. Sun.: It's fixed! :D

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