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Björk needs to marry me right about now.

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Dec. 1st, 2008 | 11:59 pm
mood: nervousscattered
music: Björk - Who Is It | Powered by Last.fm

It would increase my productivity! Honestly!

The MIT campus is actually one 173-mile hallway that doubles back on itself a few thousand times.

Transition back into daily life has been tough. I've listened to almost nothing but Björk since returning on Friday night, as I somehow just discovered the genius that is Medúlla in the last couple of weeks (I like to say it's her a cappella album, because it's almost completely composed of vocals. No instruments. Brilliant. And I especially love the tracks with beatboxing). It's odd because I distinctly remember driving Sarah to Target to buy that album way back in 2004, and we listened to it as we drove through the eerily dark back roads back to the Burch house. Even though I was entranced by the little I heard at that time, I never actually got a copy of the album until this fall, and damn have I been missing out.

A big juxtaposition to the energizing soundtrack of the last few days, the rest of life has been chaotic and disorganized. My first day back at work today was a wash; I had so much e-mail, snail mail, and random requests to field that it took most of the day just to figure out where to start and get the week scheduled. I now have two lectures and a meeting tomorrow, a meeting, a holiday party, and an evening film (in Raleigh) on Wednesday, and sundry events on Thursday and Friday to juggle, so I doubt I'll actually catch up on everything this week. Fortunately, Boss Lady and Second Assistant weren't in the office today, so it was at least very quiet. I'm ready to be caught up on all that happened in the last two weeks, but they will certainly give me enough tasks to last the entire month. And today, I tried to book air travel for our first VIP to get to Chicago in March, and it pretty much blew up in my face; I'm handing this off to a travel agent ASAP.

My house is coming together; I'm hosting a party on Friday, so I spent the weekend trying to get it in shape. I'm happy to report that I finally installed my smoke detector after it sat in the packaging for two months, and purchased a ton of discounted stuff from Linens N Things on Sunday too. Wall hangings! A toilet seat! A bed skirt! Amazingly cheap candles! Also I was able to buy most of the groceries I'll need for the party on Saturday, so I'm as ready as I need to be four days in advance. Still, it might be a little stressful to pull it all off.

My much needed downtime tonight was dinner with Tyler at Elmo's, giving him a quick tour of my home improvements, and then SMNMC with he, Matt L., and Chris. We spent about 3 hours shooting the shit with the bartenders at Vita and the Parizade bartenders that had just finished work across the courtyard, and watching them decorate the bar for Christmas. Good times. Last night I also went to Stir with Chris; it's unfortunate that the best bar night of the week is on Sunday, but I'll be making time to go back in the next few weeks because so many people I know and like are there, plus the DJ makes my pants come off. Well, not literally. But you know, it's worth it.

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