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Dear Delta Air Lines, here is my soul.

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Nov. 24th, 2008 | 10:33 am
mood: hungryhungry
music: Momma filing her expense report

Thanks for not kicking me off the plane when I fall asleep and drool everywhere.

I've seen a lot in the last week! As I briefly mentioned in the last entry, I was in Boston from Mon.-Thu. visiting MIT and staying with Emily. Though I regretted not being able to attend the department's official open house back in October, this was actually better because I was the only prospective student there and everyone had lots of time to answer my paranoid questions. I sat in on a class, wandered around and got lost, and made sure to bother as many people as possible who might read admissions applications. Well, kind of. It was great fun to soak in the feel of the university; were I to get in and attend, I'd be sharing the campus with lots of engineers and programmers and bench researchers, and I'm quite excited by the thought (no offense, humanists). Another highlight was hanging out in the freezing dark nights with Emily and her smoking buddies from her building, Jon and Andrea. They have such a cute little community in their building, loud neighbors and all. On the last night I was there, Andrea, Emily and I went to Legal Seafoods for an amazing splosion of a meal. Crab dip! Crab stuffed shrimps! Awful service from a really hot waiter! It was good times.

During my 12 hours back in the Triangle, I was mega-productive, and the weather was amazing compared to Boston! Bought some fruit and a six-pack of beer at Whole Foods coming straight from the airport, then sent some photos to an LJ friend, went to the gym, unpacked and repacked my suitcase, and then reported to STNMC with the aforementioned beer. It was a good distraction from my franticness, and the movie in question was Pieces of April, the best dysfunctional family Thanksgiving movie in existence (Katie Holmes used to actually act! What happened? Oh, right). I finally set out with well wishes around 11, sent e-mails to Recommender #3, and got on the road to Charlotte. I got about 4 hours of sleep in a magically quiet Courtyard, re-repacked, and made my way to the airport and flew to New Mexico (this part was actually on Continental, but I'm crediting my miles to Delta so I'm not betraying the widget. I swear).

Since I arrived here on Friday, I've finally been able to take a breather and sleep 13 hours per night. In addition to eating nothing but Halloween candy, freshly picked pinon, and green chile, I've been watching unhealthy amounts of television and getting drunk with my parents and their friends. Bizarrely, I also went to church and Father George remembered that I live in North Carolina and asked me about it while processing at the start of Mass. And I went to the antiques co-op that my dad is a part of (which is going amazingly well; thanks, bored retired ladies for paying our bills!) and resisted the urge to ask inappropriate questions about Sarah Palin of the Alaskan owners. Overall, this weekend won at life, and I'm still here for a few more days. Oh, I also saw my nephews and niece(s) (I have a step-niece now that is basically my second niece) on Friday night; they are huge and have so. much. energy. And they were blowing up giant balloons they bought from a vending machine. Oh, children.

Right now I'm mooching internet off of my momma's office and trying to stay out of the way as she takes care of post-conference duties leftover from last week. She got to host a conference at a casino! I'm jealous, as all of my events are held at places without video poker. Anyhow, I'm here for the morning to take care of various online errands, including booking my trip home for Christmas with miles. I probably won't have another update until I'm back in Durham on Friday night; try to find the sleeping MIT undergrad in the classroom up there if you get bored. :)

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(no subject)

from: twencenboy
date: Nov. 25th, 2008 12:55 pm (UTC)

Pieces of April is an awesome movie! I own!

Were you in Boston when it was crazy cold down here?

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(no subject)

from: silverthief2
date: Nov. 28th, 2008 03:33 am (UTC)

Yes, and I patiently froze my ass off while Emily took long cigarette breaks with her neighbors in their courtyard. Good times.

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