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Movie reviews from my study.

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Nov. 16th, 2008 | 03:43 pm
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Where I sit to hide from the unfolded laundry.

I added Thumbsucker to my queue based on the awesomeness that is the Walter Kirn novel of the same name. The movie, despite being based in Oregon instead of Minnesota, was true to that original story, and I enjoyed it muchly. Basically, the protagonist is a horny, awkward 17-year old boy who copes with life by sucking his thumb, and the story follows his various attempts to stop it. Keanu Reeves is a pretty rad hippie orthodontist, and I cringed right along with the protagonist at all of his interactions with high school girls. A.

Junebug was our selection at STNMC at Chris' house on Thursday. Given that 2/3 of the folks gathered there were North Carolina natives, the bar was high for representing the area accurately, but overall this film did it well. One of the characters even worked at Replacements, Ltd.! The plot reminded me of that god-awful movie with Sarah Jessica Parker, The Family Stone, where she goes to her boyfriend's house for Christmas and acts impossibly snooty, but somehow redeems herself by sleeping with her boyfriend's brother. Very fortunately, Junebug takes a much more realistic tack on awkward in-law relations. The main character is a British gallery owner (I'm unsure but I think her story might have been loosely based on Ginger Young) trying to sign on a self-taught folk artist in the area, and she comes with her new husband (whom we barely see, other than his amazing ass) to meet and stay with his family on the same trip; just the fact that she'd never met his family and isn't even in the area primarily for that reason sets the stage for the fantastically played awkwardness throughout. Sometimes I think it tried too hard to make the viewer squirm, though, and ended up with long silences that had no purpose. Also, Amy Adams was a great spazzy pregnant sister-in-law. B+.
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