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Immune to the economic crisis?

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Oct. 29th, 2008 | 08:41 pm
mood: scaredMidweek laundry emergency
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Only if you give really, really fierce haircuts.

I made an appointment to cut my hair after work today. I'd been worried how my haircut place has been doing for a while, given that they seemed to have unlimited availability the last few times I called for appointments. But they were mad busy today; all four ladies cutting and coloring, the 12-year old receptionist trying desperately to sweep away piles of hair that weighed more than she did in between turning away walk-ins. Apparently everybody still needs to look fierce in a recession.

Um, other stuff today. Had lunch with Matt at Chipotle, at a normal lunch time (12:15). It was crowded, and the walk over there and back was damn cold, but it was nice to have lunch with another human. I haven't had a weekday lunch that wasn't in front of my computer in probably 2 months, because I'm a lame, antisocial cog. Or something. LOL. I'm going to try to make more lunch dates so I spend less quality time with my work PC. It's also a nice break in the day, which I believe was the original point of lunch breaks, and was lost on me long ago.

Work was fine; had another conference call, tried to organize my desk and didn't really succeed. A huge stream of guests in the building for various lectures and meetings. Maybe I should put a tip jar outside of my office door with a big "For Interrupting My Concentration" sign. :)

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