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Rachel Maddow: The uber-mega-lesbian interview

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Oct. 20th, 2008 | 05:18 pm
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MSNBC host gets it on with The Gray Lady.

Okay, this interview in the New York Times is just ridiculous. I noticed it because I think Rachel Maddow is pretty nifty and there should be more of her in our lives. But as I was reading it, I kind of got the sense that she's embellishing just a bit here. Like, I'm pretty sure the columnist dude approached her and was like, let's get some mileage out of this lesbian thing. It cannot possibly all be true.

Particular highlights:

-She doesn't shop.
-She recently restored the chimney on her 150 year old western Massachusetts farmhouse.
-She wears sneakers 80% of the time while on the set of her show.
-She drives a red pickup truck to haul trash to the dump.
-She has a stockpile of lawn mowers.

If all of this is really true, Rachel Maddow is like the Chuck Norris of lesbians. Srsly.

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