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You won't get with this, you see.

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Sep. 24th, 2008 | 12:48 am
mood: contenthappily wearing a hoodie
music: Robyn "Handle Me"

'Cause you can't handle Robyn (the Swedish one).

I guess I don't have as much to post about as I thought, but since when has that ever stopped me? :) This will be somewhat brief, then.

We can officially proclaim the end of summer because 1.) the weather abruptly changed to 75 degree highs and 55 degree lows here in NC, and 2.) I have more event invitations than I know what to do with. Yay fall. This weekend is NC Pride, and I'll be attending at least a couple of boozy parties and watching the parade. Also, the first gallery opening of the academic year in my building is Thursday, and I've made tentative dinner or hookah plans with other folks too. Fortunately I also get paid Thursday or most of this wouldn't be possible.

I've returned to an ambitious workout plan as well, partially to offset the food and booze that these social outings will include. It is also partially for my Halloween costume, which is a secret to everyone except SMNMC (see below) for now. 5.5 weeks to go! This is officially the earliest I have ever decided on what to be for Halloween, and it might be even more successful than the previous best, when I was Congressional Page of the Year in 2006. Stay tuned for that.

Last night I went to dinner at Sushi Love (check out that hawt stock photography slathered all over their website!) with Chris, Jody, Jason, and Tyler (hereafter known as Secret Monday Night Martini Club). I <3 our outings so much; these boys are seriously keeping me sane these days. I can't think of anything I'd rather do on Monday night than eat a boat full of half-price sushi with them as we discuss extremely lewd things we have done in our lives and would reenact upon the various waiters there. :D After dinner we rolled down to Six Plates (sans Jason) and split a couple of bottles of wine while talking about randomness like the Spanish classes Jody is teaching, and what Chris is going to do with his new hookah. I'm loving how Mondays and Thursdays have replaced my weekend nights as the social ones.

I've successfully cooked and packaged lunch for tomorrow, so bedtime now.

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