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Think this is overwhelming? You didn't have to scrub the carpets afterward.

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Sep. 14th, 2008 | 09:53 pm
mood: irritatedConfined to the rooms with a/c
music: Amy Winehouse "Cupid"

A weekend measured in whole chickens and chocolate fondue.

Summer is never going to end! It was 95 degrees today, and my summer boosterism is coming to an end because my house is so damn hot I can't function. I had a long list of things to do in here but only did the most basic organizing because I couldn't stand to be in here. I tried to open windows on all ends of the house to create a breeze, but there was no wind. I'm seeing cooler temps forecast for later in the week, and I really hope they pan out because I need to get wall hangings up and boxes stowed.

So, here's a chronology of the weekend: Upon stepping out the front door on Friday morning to get to work, I ran into my neighbor (this house is sort of a duplex, except that I have about 75% of the space) collecting his mail. We hadn't actually met yet, so it was good to meet face-to-face the dude that I'll ask to keep an eye on my house when I go out of town. Anyway, I drove into work and half-heartedly attacked my various to-dos for a while. I finally got the Punk Rock Desktop Support Guy to fix some of the problems with Boss Lady's computer, woo. I then retreated for a Whole Foods salad for lunch and dropping off my car at home, and walked back for an afternoon of conference calls and minding our work Twitter account. We've only had it since Wednesday, and it's already attracted more attention than I ever thought it would. Yay? That evening I tried to focus on grad school research (which is becoming a mega-challenge but that's for another entry) at the library, and was rewarded for my diligence by an empty group study room in my favorite library area. I toiled until 11:30, then came home for ice cream and sleep.

I woke up late on Saturday and packed up a gym bag and my laptop for an afternoon somewhere cooler than my house. More time in the library (about 3 hours), much of which was taken up by reading Hurricane Ike and L.A. Metroliner crash coverage, then I went running around campus. I popped into the gym to shower, where the front desk guy said that my card needed replacement because my photo was faded (spare me), then went to Kroger for a few last-minute party beverages. I spent about 25 minutes in line watching people attempt to use the self-checkout with mixed success, and it was actually sort of entertaining.

After dropping the non-party groceries at home and having a quick salad and frozen dinner, I made my way to Chris' house and helped co-host his chocolate party! He made chocolate fondue, with strawberries, marshmallows, and pound cake pieces for dipping, and there was craploads of candy to also eat. It was good to see a lot of people I hadn't in forever, like Jay and Jody, and meet other people, like Chris' straight husband's girlfriend who had just come from dinner at Lantern! Jealous. I also talked Jason through some drama, we half-watched Chocolat (which Sam at first thought was called "Chock-a-lot" because I don't do French accents so well), and I drank mostly Diet Coke. I so can't take alcohol anymore, heh. Overall, it was a successful party, as measured by the lack of stains on Chris' carpet and our uncanny ability to get people drunk on quality booze. :)

Today has been lazy, despite feeling like I should have been more productive. I had brunch at Jack Sprat with John, where we had bizarrely shaped plates filled with good food. He had a round metal plate to hold his turkey sandwich, and I had a severely narrow rectangular porcelain plate for my eggs benedict. I think he got the better deal. :( Nevertheless, they were good eggs and our server was so polite I wanted to give her alms or something. Following that we watched two episodes of the most useless yet strangely addictive TV show in existence, I Love Money. His roommate joined us for some of the viewing, and we were generally scandalized by what we saw.

Then I came home, tried desperately to cool my house down, and got caught up on e-mails and Facebook. I was feeling overwhelmed at all of the stuff I need to do, so I focused my energies into cooking food for the coming weekdays, and it was a perfect investment of my time. I inaugurated my Crock Pot by putting a whole chicken in there, with celery, onions, garlic, kosher salt, pepper, and a bit of olive oil. All of the recipes I found recommended removing the skin, which I think is 1) sacrilegious, and 2) really time-consuming, so I didn't do it and I'm glad of that decision. After chatting with Sam some, I cleaned and organized the house as much as I could (and it's coming along! Really! I need to keep telling myself that so as not to despair), and then went on a sunset walk around the neighborhood. It is a beautiful part of the neighborhood that I never really saw when I lived on the other side of Hillsborough Rd., so I'm glad for the discovery.

After another spate of grad school research, I had some glorious chicken for dinner. I love it when the meat falls right off of the bones, mmm. I'm going to venture out of my cool bedroom into the kitchen for some ice cream and to pack up the chicken into the fridge. It was blazingly hot in there earlier with the Crock Pot going for 4 hours but will hopefully be better now. And despite my paranoid thoughts, I did a ton this weekend and still had plenty of downtime. I feel mostly ready for another work week, and if it isn't going well, I can always throw extremely tender chicken at my undone tasks.

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