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Last night in this apartment.

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Aug. 31st, 2008 | 11:55 pm
mood: irritatedMosquitoes are still jerks.
music: Nonstop NPR convention wank!

Where will I go to find a suggestively shaped swimming pool now?

On the left: 8th Avenue, New York; on the right: sunset in Sandoval County, New Mexico

Almost all of my belongings are now at the New House. I'm here at the old apartment, which has my bed, the kitchen table, internet access, and nothing else. I spent today moving oddly shaped things like the dish drainer over there, and I took everything off of the walls here, which took approximately 1% of the time needed to put them up. I even unpacked New Kitchen enough that I could cook and eat my first meal over there, which was nice. I did take a couple of breaks, first to have Dale's brunch with Jeremy and the second to lie at the pool and read for an hour. Both were much needed releases from the pain that is moving in 90-degree heat.

I finally allowed myself to stop around 9:30 tonight and have been catching up on other parts of life since. I finally got around to renewing my Flickr Pro account and spent some nostalgia time clicking through my photos in that account, which cover my life from Spring 2005 through Spring 2007, before I started hosting my photos on LJ (I'll probably start putting photos in Flickr again, but you'll def see them posted in LJ entries still). While I'm reflecting on the last 2 years and 3 months I spent in this apartment, it was also nice to see the things I've done in part of that time in photos. I've had quite a few adventures and seen more than I ever could have guessed in that time; I picked just two of the many places for inclusion here.

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