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I'm gonna make it after all!

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Aug. 29th, 2008 | 03:50 pm
mood: listlessasshat moderator time at work
music: Janet Jackson "Go Deep"

Assuming Mary Tyler Moore doesn't throw her hat up in the air and impale me with it or something.

Moving has finally progressed a bit more. I put up the kitchen curtains, and although they are sticking to the wall, they don't look quite right, so I'll need to get some hooks from Home Depot to make them sit right. That's for later. Last night I went over there to drop off most of the clothes in my closet before Secret Thursday Movie Night Club (which was fabulous, more about that below). This morning I managed to wake up at 7, finish my last load of laundry, and clear everything out of the laundry alcove so the appliance rental folks could take the washer and dryer back.

I then figured out how to get my large furniture that doesn't fit in the car to the new house: walking. I have a hand truck, and none of the pieces are really all that heavy, just bulky. So one at a time, I walked the two pieces of my couch four blocks away to New House, and it took less than an hour. I'll do the dining room table this afternoon, tomorrow I'll strap the mattresses to the roof of my car and take those, and then all that will be left to pack up is the rest of my clothes, the kitchen, and the bathroom. And! I went to the post office and got my mail forwarded. On Tuesday I get to sit at home for a four-hour window when Time Warner Cable is supposed to come and give me internets; yay for a random extension of the three-day weekend.

This process has had bumps, though. I got a voicemail as I was finishing lunch from the appliance rental driver, saying that no one was in the leasing office to let him in to my apartment. I managed to call them back and say to stop the driver before he left and ask him to wait 5 minutes for someone to return, because they claimed not to have another open pickup slot until Wednesday. So supposedly that worked fine, but I'm kind of skeptical that it actually happened given how shitty a company Appliance Warehouse is. I guess I'll see when I get home.

Movie Night last night was over the top. We had a quasi-cookout and watched Barack Obama's speech at the DNC. He was amazing, and it was not an easy speech given the live audience of 84,000 people. I'm energized and ready for the final stretch to the election (like you couldn't tell from my recent entries), and so is he. As for the food, there was tons and we ate a lot with a lot of beer, and there were still like whole watermelons left over. Good times, good times.

Other stuff I'm doing this weekend: playing Wii and drinking in Chapel Hill, sitting at my pool and tanning if the clouds ever go away, and much-needed grocery shopping. Happy Labor Day weekend, everybody!

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