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One toe, one thumb, one brain.

Ugh, today was exhausting. And it's raining to boot, which does not put me in a good mood. I tried to finish submitting the grant proposal at work today but was stymied by software issues beyond my control; it was a pretty disappointing afternoon, but I finally got a call from the people who can fix the problem in response to my many SOSes at 4:45 and they pledged to fix my access issues early tomorrow morning. Then I can submit. Gah, bureaucracy kills.

I came home around 5:30, changed clothes, and then had more madness. I went off to the new house to find two books I sold on Amazon (one great thing about this time of year) and got eight mosquito bites while rummaging through boxes for them. I then ventured to the post office, got them sent, and brought a Whole Foods salad back for dinner. After eating I slathered myself in mosquito repellent and went back over to install some blinds. It took me probably an hour to put up the blinds in my study, and I cut my thumb with the drill too. I then tried to tackle the curtain rod that will go over the window next to the back door, but didn't get very far. It was a bit precarious to be standing on a chair, leaning over the washing machine and trying to get screws in the wall at 10:00 p.m. when I'd had a full day already, so I gave up in the interest of my safety and will deal with that project tomorrow after work.

Then I'll only have to put up the kitchen curtains, the curtains for the back door, and the blinds in my bedroom! *dies* I really wish I could take some days off of work to get these projects done, but that's not in the cards until at least next Tuesday. The thought of there being weeks and weeks more of hammering, drilling, cleaning, box moving, unpacking, and organizing is just really unpleasant right now. Ugh. I'm in that state where it's tough to function because I can't remember if anything is at the old place or the new one (like my screwdriver), and I don't yet have a means to move my couch, dining room table, and bed to the new place so that I can actually stay there full time. I'll get to that point, but it's going to take a while.

Off to the shower, and then bed. I think tomorrow I'm also going to focus on non-physical parts of the move, like getting my mail forwarded and calling Time Warner again to ask when they're going to get off their duffs and give me internets.
Tags: 2111 west knox, bad at life, executive assistant, moving
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