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Still alive, and now multifaceted!

Multifaceted-er than before, that is.

Oh, what an eventful weekend Jonathan has had! Take your eyes off of the grammatical train wreck in the title and allow me to describe it. I'll begin with Friday, where I was quite tired from the pace of the week and slept in to keep sane. I rolled into work around 11:30, but I was productive once there, I promise. :P Didn't have a moment to actually do last-minute GRE cramming, so that was what I spent the evening doing. I finished up a second practice test, wasn't terribly pleased with those scores, but continued on relearning high school geometry and algebra, and learning vocabulary words. And also watched men's Olympic synchronized diving online, inspired by kishenehn.

I woke up around 8 on Saturday, got Chick-fil-a breakfast, shipped a book I sold on Amazon, and then drove to Raleigh to get on with it. The testing center was in a bland strip mall waaay out in North Raleigh, and the whole atmosphere was downright bizarre. The old man checking everyone in for various tests gave me a clipboard with a confidentiality statement to copy down ("in cursive, don't print it") and held on to my driver's license until I actually walked in to the testing room. The 15 or so other nervous people there for tests were instructed to stash their purses and glasses cases and other junk in lockers, and we were briefed on the huge list of rules: "You can wear a sweater inside, but you can't carry one in," "You can have candy in your mouth, but you can't unwrap it once you're in there," "You have to sign out and note the time when you leave to take a break, and do the same when you return," and so on. Totally nuts, but I suppose it helps keep things above board. I was led to my testing cubicle at 12:37 and finished at 4:17, with one break in that period.

As for the test content, I felt my brain melting at most of the math and some of the verbal questions, but the essay parts were relatively easy. I got my verbal and math scores immediately, and though I don't want to list them here, I'm perfectly pleased with them and don't think I'll need to take it again. My math score was actually 100-110 points higher than anything I got on practice tests, and my verbal score was 20-40 points lower; a little unexpected, but I'll take it (and hopefully grad schools will too :P). When I left there, I called Sam and learned that he was at Emily's house helping her pack up, so I went over there after picking up a Big Salad and picking up the keys to my new house (!!) from the landlady.

We helped Emily get the last of her stuff either packed up or thrown away while her cats expressed displeasure at the transition, then we had a short dinner at Anotherthyme, and the creepy waiter was nowhere to be found! \o/ I suppose I can start going there again. Sam then retreated to Chapel Hill, and I followed after trekking the stuff Emily gave me back to my place, saying goodbye to her, and taking a shower. Blake was there too, fresh from Salisbury, and we left for Legends after drinking some bers*. The drive was long but Legends was actually quite fun; I spent an almost shameful amount of time talking with John F. about how much we <3 Michelle Obama (we have grand ideas for her when she becomes First Lady), and I also convinced him to apply for our grant competition. :D He was quite fun to talk to last night. We also talked to Adam, Lee, Julian, and Matt C., gawked at the giant condo building going up next door to the club from the courtyard, and had prime LITs to celebrate my test scores. And the drive home was waaay long, so I spent the night at Sam's house.

Today we slept in and then stayed in bed foreeeever, and it was awesome. Eventually we had brunch at 411 West, though our request to sit in the greenhouse section was turned down for no apparent reason at all. Still, the eggs benedict and sweet tea were good, and we watched Olympic soccer and lacrosse on the bar TVs. I came back home from there, fighting UNC move-in traffic, and started my own move-in process. The new house is overall very clean, for which I am mega-grateful, so I swept away various cobwebs and started to figure out where I'm going to place furniture while my landlady and her husband to take away a gross futon mattress left by the previous tenant. I then came back here, packed and organized a little, and cooked dinner. And after dinner I went back to the house with some impromptu window coverings and light bulbs, just to get things started. I'm mindful of Suzy's warning that her parents' worst move ever was to the house next door; it's very tempting not to work very hard at this because "I'm only moving four blocks away." The house overall looks great empty (I'd previously seen it only when filled with the previous tenant's stuff), the hardwood floors are really gorgeous, and there is tons of space. There are just a few minor issues that I need to work around: not enough light, so I'll be investing in more lamps and fun Ikea light fixtures; not enough electrical outlets, so extension cords and surge protectors will be my new friends; and there are a lot of mosquitoes in the backyard. I can't really eliminate all of the problem, because there is a little ditch adjacent to the house that will sometimes have standing water, but I'm at least going to make sure that my gutters and yard in general don't have pools of water hanging around. And I'm totally going to slather myself in Off! before I do any yardwork.

Now I'm trying to chill out a little and pay bills. Work beckons tomorrow; we're launching Year 2 of the grant competition at 3:00 p.m. EDT. Until then you can watch that fancy countdown clock. :) Once we have finished e-mailing the opening announcement to everyone we've ever met, we're going to Six Plates to celebrate, and then I will be going to whichever bar that Secret Monday Night Martini Club selects for Rex's last martini night before he moves to San Francisco! Getting toasted on Monday night FTW.

I promise, dear gym, that I will go back to you someday. Right now my fitness levels are adequately covered by packing and lifting boxes.

*Preferred pronunciation for this blog; take note. :)
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