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Just a leetle overwhelmed.

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Aug. 14th, 2008 | 06:16 pm
mood: rushedNo longer intransigent
music: Not yet abstemious

But on the upside, I will have access to a brand new electric lawn mower in 3 short days.

Find your way round the dumpster. Albuquerque.

Sam arrived in the Triangle yesterday, woo. We went to dinner with Emily at Rockwood Filling Station. Mmm, giant pizzas. Also, our server just moved here from Detroit; we're happy to have him. After that, we were supposed to prepare my apartment for the movers coming today, but did only about 20 minutes of work and gave up. This morning Sam graciously separated all of his stuff for the movers to take while I went to work. I was able to break for lunch, thankfully, and the three of us had Q Shack lunch while talking about the election; we want a Dem VP candidate already. Come on, Obama! (I haven't signed up for the "instant e-mail when he announces" thing though; I can probably find out even sooner through gossip).

About work: we've been operating at 2,000% this week, so work has been extremely full every day this week and will be so again tomorrow. But the results, oh the results, are glorious. Most of our summer projects are done and bearing fruit, and the bigger stuff for the fall will be ready by next week.

I get the keys for the new place Saturday, and have 16-17 days to move in. All that's been done so far is setting up utilities; I'll likely take some days off closer to the end of the month to properly pack and shop for the requisite new things the house will need. For now, not focusing too closely on this.

Oh, and I'm taking the GRE on Saturday afternoon. Will be studying pretty hard for the next couple of evenings. I already went through my phase of believing the test is stupid and that urban planners don't need to know ridiculous words like "sere" or how to find the area of a cone. Now I'm just shutting up and dealing with it.

So, all of that is to say that I probably won't be too active on LJ for the next while. I'm even cutting down on my Flyertalk reading. D: But I will be back soon, and will have photos to post here (yes, I'm aware that I promised photos of this apartment; I have them).

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