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My friends keep me going.

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Jul. 28th, 2008 | 09:53 pm
mood: exhaustedJust finished dinner
music: Fuqua BBQ going on outside

Also, chicken quesadillas.

I should do a quick weekend overview before I get eaten alive by Tuesday. If it's anything like Monday, it'll be difficult to remember what I had for breakfast, much less anything that happened 48 hours prior.

I hosted Gary and Emily's going away party on Saturday; it was moderately successful, and Emily needs to post on Facebook and/or send the photos she took to me. :) I met a couple of new people, hung out with the usual characters of summer that I <3 and saw a few others (Brent! Caroline!) that I hadn't in a long time. I have unbelievable amounts of alcohol leftover. I'm thinking of a pool party in the next couple of weeks to help use up the supplies. And nakedifiwantto, take note, I think Em is going to have another gathering next weekend at her place before she leaves.

On Sunday, after walking to Whole Foods and back for groceries, walking to the gym, working out, walking back, and driving to Kroger to buy non-perishable stuff, I was a bit spent and didn't plan to do anything at all. But Sanford, of all people, called me as I was finishing dinner and said that he was in town and at Chase's house, so I ended up going over there at around 8:30. Josh, Meredith (shadedlight), Chris, and some other people were there too; we played Catch Phrase, and drank. Because I don't really need this liver thing anyway. I may start going to their movie night, and also might go running with Josh, and Meredith and I might have lunch sometime, so it ended up being a very fruitful social evening. Sanford is also in town for a few weeks, so I'll likely see him again.

Today at work was heads down all day, but nor much to go into detail about. I just have to become more efficient so that I can still find time to read Flyertalk and eat lunch during working hours. Woopee.

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la mer

(no subject)

from: shadedlight
date: Jul. 29th, 2008 04:17 am (UTC)

huzzah, fruitful social evenings! and yes, lunches sometime soonish.

also, the cake wrecks blog will be keeping me amused for a long time to come. most excellent. :)

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