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My weekend is backwards.

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Jun. 29th, 2008 | 05:30 pm
mood: sillyI don't even know how to swim
music: The Good Life "Empty Bed"

Does this mean that I get more cake when I return to work tomorrow?

This is a slightly rushed review, because I need to leave for a pool party in about 30 minutes. Drinking on a Sunday afternoon when I have to be at work early tomorrow FTW. I definitely need to provide a little review of the last week, though, since I've only been writing about work and dreams and movies. In addition to my usual friends and routines (which have definitely kept me sane so far this summer), I've met new folks and done new things in the last week, and it's been a welcome sign that

Starting a full week ago, Jeremy invited me to dinner at Carrabba's with he and his friend Jon last Sunday, so I rushed over there from the gym and we had a two-hour long dinner or something like that, which included Jeremy's wine-courage leading him to ask our server to parade all of the male employees past our table so we could determine who was hottest. And she did it! :D (The bartender won). Following that we retreated to Jon's apartment in RTP to watch Across the Universe, and Jon invited me to his birthday party before I left.

On Tuesday night I went out for cosmos with Matt (head_of_fema), his fellow intern Julie, and Chris S. at Tyler's. Even though I got a bunch of mosquito bites from the American Tobacco Campus' "river," it was sooper fun and we all need to do it again sometime when they've gone off of the night shift.

On Wednesday I had lunch with Chris P. and it was a very necessary distraction from life. Hopefully he and I will hang out more now that we've established our boredom with our summer work routines, but it was nice anyway to have a lunch buddy (and Blue Express had chicken cordon bleu for lunch, mmm).

I say that my weekend is backwards because I did absolutely nothing on Friday night, and it was my opportunity to recharge and get some rest, although it should also have been and was not my opportunity to make a lot of headway on grad school research. In any case, I woke up on Saturday and went to Mantrap for a haircut immediately after breakfast. I had the same woman I'd had last time, found out her name is Emily, and she did an amazing job on the style, but I had to take a shower immediately afterward and no one actually saw it. :( I did take a photo, though, and I'll post it when I'm having low hair self-esteem. Following that I packed up and went to Jon's birthday party, which was a pool party! I applied gallons of sunscreen and sat in a corner of his apartment complex's pool drinking good beer out of plastic cups with Jon and his friends Jon (good job, all of our parents on the originality), Caroline (third Jon's girlfriend), Christy, and Anna, most of whom were his college friends from Asheville. After about 90 minutes of scorching sun and sketchy drunk people that kept throwing their children and footballs across the pool, we retreated to his apartment to dry off and drink three bottles of wine. And then! Straight Jon (I dunno how else to distinguish them) and Anna cooked an amazing dinner, which we had with sangria. We finished off the night by sobering up and going to Target for ice cream, but I had to leave before it could be consumed. Jon, Jeremy, and I are planning to make dinner a regular Monday night thing, so I proposed something on 9th St. this time around so that we can retreat to my apartment afterward for beer and/or martinis.

Immediately following that 7-hour adventure, I picked up Jason and we went to Jody's party. It was a little chaotic, but we talked to people we knew, met a guy named Bobby that looks suspiciously like Thom Yorke, and convinced Chris S. to show up at 1:00 a.m. Jody was a fabulous (and scantily clad!) host, and I thoroughly enjoyed his hosting us and chatting with us about life and his facial hair that doesn't match the hair on his head, lol. I slept extremely late today to recover from all of that (and my smoke detector started beeping at me at 7:30 a.m. to signal its impending death so I lost some rest to fixing that), and now I'm on my way to Snapper's pool party at his complex. I won't stay too long or eat or drink much, but I definitely think it's better to go than to stay home. When I do return, I'll get ready for my return to work tomorrow and hopefully clean up my apartment a bit.

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