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A bit of travel blogging.

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Jun. 11th, 2008 | 03:54 pm
mood: energeticenergetic
music: That's so Richmond!

An attempt to stay ahead of my obsessive tendencies to record everything.

I'm sitting at RIC, waiting for my flights to Boston. When I was searching for tickets, flights at the times I wanted were available on Northwest for much cheaper than RDU, even counting the cost of gas to drive up here and drive back down when I return. Also, Emily has inspired me, as I stopped at Sonic in Creedmoor on the way up for tons of food, and that made the drive okay. I was sort of impaired because my left eye has been hurting today, but I can drive totally fine with one contact lens. This was not the first time I've driven that section of I-85 with one contact lens, in fact.

This airport is brand new! Really, really gorgeous. And has free wifi and I have a comfy seat right next to an outlet so my MacBook stays alive. \o/ The security checkpoint looks like it would be sooper efficient if they actually opened more than one lane. I made it through pretty quickly anyway, and my cell phone confused the TSA guy by beeping an incoming SMS at him the second he put it on the conveyor belt. Also, I think Raven-Symone might be sitting next to me at the gate. D:

In a few minutes we'll depart for Detroit, then I fly from there to Boston. Sam and his friends have been blowing up my inbox with messages about what we're going to do this weekend, but it's kind of amusing and way better than the work-related messages I'm also getting. No, I'm not troubleshooting your grant proposal software on vacation. Eat a dick, plz.

I'll inevitably blog from the other side when I get there. :D

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