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I'm local again.

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May. 30th, 2008 | 12:53 am
mood: gigglyhome
music: Death Cab for Cutie "Long Division"

But probably not organic or made from recycled materials.

I'm running out of blog entry title ideas, as you can probably tell. Nevertheless, I have returned from California mostly in one piece; my flight arrived at RDU at 8:04 a.m. today. I decided not to go in to the office primarily based on the many annoying messages I found in my inbox, so it was a chill day back. I've unpacked and done two loads of laundry, and napped for about 3 hours in the afternoon (very necessary, as I was on a redeye last night) until Sam called and we chatted about his Boston misadventures. And I tagged another month of my LJ while folding the laundry; this project is going way too slowly for my liking, but I'll just have to deal because I'm busy.

We also had our appreciation lunch at Parizade today. Yes, the only work thing I did today was attend a free lunch. The food was fabulous (I had a steak salad and lemon sorbet), and it was only slightly awkward; not bad for a two-hour meal for 12.

Oh, and I went grocery shopping, at Target for staples and Diet Coke and Whole Foods for lox and produce that is actually edible. Eating on the road was definitely an up-and-down experience over the last week, so I'm sooper glad to have more control over my food again. For dinner I made a simple green salad and spaghetti marinara with some of the Parmesan cheese that my boss brought me from Parma. And ice cream may have been involved too.

On tomorrow's agenda: mega-catchup at work, filing my expense report, then two going-away parties. I should sleep a little more so I can actually perform these actions.

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