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OMG haunted hotel!

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May. 15th, 2008 | 02:31 pm
mood: nerdynerdy
music: Sufjan Stevens "Decatur"

Barricade the door with the baby! He's too weak to put up a fight!

So. I'm reading Tripadvisor reviews of the hotels I'll be staying at next week, as is my custom. The users there aren't typically very reliable (and sometimes are obviously making things up), so this is more for my amusement than to figure out where to stay. Here's one from the Hilton Santa Clara, where I'll be for two nights next week; this is way too good to make up. I think she needs to have a chat with her husband the "ghost":

"In April we stayed at the Hilton to attend a conference at the Convention center. I am a Hilton Honors member and we stayed on the Executive Floor in room ***. I brought my husband and 2 children. My youngest child, who is usually easily consoled and docile, woke 2 times just screaming in frustration. All the usual things we do with him did not work to immediately calm him down, so we figured it was just the new environment. But when it happened twice, we figured something must be wrong, but we went back to sleep. Twice I was awoken and it felt as if somebody was pulling the covers off of me. I tried to pull them back up and then realized that I was sleeping on top of them because it was a warm night. Twice I went back to sleep. I then felt that I was gently grabbed on my arm and I woke up. I figured it was nothing, I was exhausted and went back to sleep. Then, I was then unmistakenly grabbed on my left breast and I felt the hand move down towards my tummy. That jolted me awake. I started putting things together in my head and realized that we were not alone in that room. I said prayers for about 30 minutes and was finally left alone for the rest of the night. We had the door deadbolted and locked with the sliding lock from the inside when we went to bed. It was still locked in the morning. My youngest child slept in a crib against the adjoining room door, so there was no way to enter the room without making a lot of noise. The manager did a check to be sure, and nobody attempted to enter our room with a key card.

Needless to say, when morning came, we got out of there in a hurry. We left more than a few things behind in our haste."

I ... there are no words. And then the last part, where you fill out what you liked most and least about the stay:

This TripAdvisor Member:
Liked — Convenience to Convention Center and Great America
Disliked — The Pervy Ghost

Anyone want to loan me an infant to shield myself from evil Hilton spirits? :D

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