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I have collected a lot of chocolate this week.

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Apr. 10th, 2008 | 11:41 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: Britney Spears "Piece of Me"

You can have some if you do my laundry for me. Including all the shirts I've stained with chocolate.

Even though every family in America has photos like these hanging up in their homes, I can't stop. laughing. hysterically. Save me from the photos of people inside brandy snifters! *dies*

Fun stuff from this week: Adam and Michael came over with a bottle of wine and some Belgian beer on Tuesday, and we went out to the Duke Seniors' pub crawl after all bottles were empty and we'd introduced each other to our favorite blogs and Web 2.0 doohickeys. We chatted with Snapper and Tee during our time out. I swear not everyone I know goes by a crazy nickname; just most of them. Most of our time was spent at Federal, where the bar service was above average but the line to the mens' room was just ridiculous.

Yesterday I participated in a random meeting at work, in between our regular Wednesday meetings: describing to some middle managers all of the opportunities that Second Life and teh internets can provide for their training tools. I've never encountered people that became so enthusiastic over the course of an hour. They'd said yes so many times that I was just about to ask them if they'd do my laundry. Later in the evening I went over to Sam's and we had a Giant!Pasta!Dinner in between me teasing him for forgetting to send one e-mail. I forget to send e-mails all the time. In fact, if you're reading this I have probably forgotten to send e-mails to you. (Just kidding, Sam; please don't divorce me.)

Today has been fun. After oversleeping in response to my allergies and the nonstop dog circus that was going on at Sam's house, I mobilized and grabbed some Taco Bell (it's not all bad, scotty2naughty!) before buckling down for an afternoon of productivity. We almost have a budget ready to present to Big Giant Foundation that will fund us all the way through June 2011. Pretty nifty. During a break from that, we went to Vanessa's reception and ate cheese while talking to the assembled people. She is one of three people getting married in the building in the next couple of months; I feel like I need to have a couple of babies just to fit in with my co-workers. And my last task was to ship 26 pounds of books to Italy; even though it took forever to get it all done at Kinky's, I sort of enjoyed scrawling messages in Italian for customs officers across the box with a giant Sharpie. SENZA VALORE COMMERCIALE. I swear.

I also went running outside this evening. Woo spring and all of the tulips and wearing shorts and other awesome things that come with it. I'm not sure what's in store for this weekend, other than this and this, but I'm down for any and all springtime activities.

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