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I have vacuum cleaner skills, and folding skills, and organizing skills.

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Feb. 10th, 2008 | 11:01 pm
mood: fullfull of burritos
music: "Can I have one of those buttons?"

And that's why Sam came back from Atlanta. Maybe.

I spent like six hours today cleaning my apartment. After neglecting some of the basic cleaning that I should have over the last month, I went a little insane and made up for all of it. So the carpet is clean, my sheets and pillow cases are clean, and I did all the rest of the laundry too. And I organized my stack of two years of bills that had been sitting on the side of the bed where Sam sleeps; while the history of my power bills is somewhat suspenseful, he usually brings better bedside reading material. Then I went to the gym, then we ate Cosmic food for dinner and are now in the process of watching Napoleon Dynamite. Why didn't anyone tell me how awesomely random this movie is?!

Other stuff that happened this weekend: Both rocksandlipstik and twencenboy were visiting this weekend, Kelly for a general visit, and Stephen with his parents for the BC game. On Friday I went to dinner at Sitar with Kelly, Emily, jillyfish16 and Elias. I <3 Indian food, although the buffet is now like $15.95, boo. Then we hung out at my house, and Elias was enamored with my remote control, lol.

The hanging out continued on Saturday, as Caroline and Stephen came over after the game had ended and we talked about how Mad Hatter's was lame and the Duke blue was becoming the wrong blue, and other random stuff. After an extended afternoon of playing Super Mario Bros. 3 (it's like seriously my life now, which is kind of sad) and eating a Chipotle burrito, I went over to Caroline's and we watched Paris, je t'aime on her TV while drinking beer. The advantage of a film with 18 parts is that you're probably going to like a few of them, and indeed we did.

Can someone please go to work for me this week? You'd get to do awesome stuff. Like put grad students on the payroll. Woo?

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(no subject)

from: rebelprince26
date: Feb. 11th, 2008 04:41 pm (UTC)

Napoleon Dynamite is such a great movie!!

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