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Making lists is the new letting your life completely fall apart.

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Dec. 24th, 2007 | 04:18 am
mood: amused Go on go on scream and cry
music: You're miles from where anyone will find you.

Woo trends!

Things I did today:
1.) Slept late late with Sam
2.) Went to Boston Market, which I have not done in years. So cheap and good! Mmm, salty chicken. Also, Sam cracks me up. He should write a book. I'd be his publisher.
3.) Sat at Caribou for a while reading Flyertalk
4.) Finished wrapping gifts; I am honing my wrapping skillz.
5.) Listened to audio feed of JFK ATC tower. Sounded like a clusterfuck and a half.

Things I am going to do tomorrow, er ... in the remaining 20 hours of today:
1.) Not sleep forever
2.) Organize the stack of bills from the last 2 years sitting in my bedroom
3.) Clean off my dining room table and kitchen counter so they will actually be pretty and usable
4.) Go to the gym (it closes at 3!)
5.) Start writing some year-end wrapup posts. Included will be the books I read in 2007 (and I have a few to finish in the next week too, so they can be part of the list) and the miles I traveled by air. Y'know, the usual Jonathan geekout stuff.
6.) Call some NM friends and my family to say hey

Also, this is my 1100th post! I am getting more obsessed with blogging by the day; I may reach the next 100-post milestone in like 4 months.

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you're not stuck in an airport somewhere!

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