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This day in Jonathan history

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Dec. 21st, 2007 | 12:22 am
mood: coldcold
music: Britney Spears "Radar"

*fancy news show jingle*

Now that my LJ is approaching its sixth birthday, I've been meaning to post entries on what I was writing about on a certain date in previous years. Some of what I read in older entries makes me cringe, but I still like it and think this will make amusing fodder. I will probably change the format of this somewhat if I do it in the future, but this is just a start to sharpen my blogging chops. So, December 20th-21st in history looked like this, and I added unnecessary commentary!

Cut because you may not care ...

12/20/06: From a survey I posted summing up the year:

"13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
-The President, most of his Cabinet, most of Congress, more than half of the Supreme Court, and all of the "news" media

14. Where did most of your money go?
To Delta Airlines, my landlord, and the wonderful waiters, waitresses, and bartenders of Durham County"

All still true!

12/20/05: "OJ is at the car hospital (a.k.a. Rick Hendrick Collision Center); I get him back on the 28th when I return to Durham. Being without a car today was pretty swell because I had a good reason not to go to the gym and thus began to decorate my room."

My car is still plugging along, and I'm much better at decorating now lol. I do, however, walk many places and would hopefully walk to the gym if OJ became inoperable for some reason. I also can't really stand skipping gym visits now; even though my gym is being remodeled over Christmas Break and there are thus no locker rooms, I'm still going 4 times a week or so because I feel so stiff and useless if I don't work out.

12/21/03: "On Friday, immediately after I left the library, I didn't really wanna go home, so I walked up to Robertson, which was in its last day of classes before Christmas. There weren't very many people around, so I decided to walk around and see if I saw anyone. I went straight to Ms. Hernandez's classroom (of course), and she was there, cleaning up and filing. So we talked for about an hour, mostly about college basketball and what's up at Duke and what her kids and grandkids are up to, and I really enjoyed it. She did scold me, though, because I forgot who Knute Rockney was, ha. Never make that mistake again. Anyway, toward the end of the conversation, I was admiring her classroom cos I forgot just how nice the classrooms in the Main Building are since they remodeled them, plus she decorated it with her students' posters and stuff she bought from Chinatown when she went to visit her daughters, and we came up with a plan to set up a design business for college classrooms, since they're so dull and devoid of color."

AHAHAAHA Ms. Hernandez is awesome. I have long since abandoned my college classroom remodeling scheme, but I still know who Knute Rockney is. The important things stay with you. Kind of.

12/20/02: "I've been in Vegasville for a week now, and I'm thoroughly unimpressed. I guess I just wasn't prepared to come back home where everyone is still going about their daily routine, and complaining about their jobs, and getting into pointless arguments all the time. And it seems like all I've done all week is wash dishes! I can't believe how much crockery we can dirty ... "

Going to my parents' house still sort of feels like that, but it's not as excruciating now that I'm out of college and more independent. Rather than squirm under the conditions of not being able to plan my day for myself, I actually thought it was nice when I was home for Thanksgiving; let someone else determine my life for a while!

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