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Tomorrow I Christmas shop.

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Dec. 19th, 2007 | 12:11 am
mood: ditzyditzy
music: The Gossip "Catfight"

Tonight I sit on my ass and drink beer.

I'm spent from writing an epic entry in my work blog, but I'd like to at least say hay. A recap!:

Last night Sam and I had a big dinner at my house, then welcomed virga back from Boston by taking him to martini night at Sirens. Chris S., Jason, and one of their female friends that I've met several times but still can't identify were there, as were Betsy, Karen, and Brian. We milled around for a while, and Emily also showed up. Fun! I also came up with the best gift idea ever: one of those giant martini glasses (the ones big enough to hold my entire blood supply inside) filled with regular-size martini glasses. It's a set! And I'm a nerd.

This morning I sleepily watched Sam plod to the kitchen at 8 a.m., crack open a Diet Coke, and start working on his paper revision. I woke up later and worked from home in the a.m., then headed to Kroger to buy some presents for co-workers before joining Sam for lunch at This! Is! Spartacus! :D :D Oops, I got a little out of hand, sorry. It was just plain Spartacus. The buffet was fabulous and I ate many dolmas. Then I went to the office, blogged, had some meetings, and read more applications of grant competition finalists. Not a bad day.

This evening Emily invited me to a potluck for LGBT employees that I didn't know about previously. We had a grand dinner and talked about the things this group plans to do in the spring semester. Also, a priceless quote from Janie (the very mature and professional director of the LGBT Center) while talking with her underling:

Emily: Are you glad the students are gone?
Chris P.: It's good to have a break. And I think they needed a break from each other.
Janie: They were getting ... bitchy.

After I left there, I scooped together a gym bag, worked out in the completely-rearranged-in-the-last-24-hours weight room, and left at the last moment before they closed. Locker rooms are out of commission for the next three weeks, as promised, but I'll survive.

Finally, look! A new icon. It's one of two I just added from timepunching. I'm up to 41 and determined to get all the way to 50.

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(no subject)

from: kishenehn
date: Dec. 19th, 2007 01:27 pm (UTC)

Great icon!

Anyhow, have a wonderful holiday, my friend. :)

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