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I'm getting a tattoo of my couch on my ass.

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Dec. 2nd, 2007 | 06:53 pm
mood: indifferentindifferent
music: Beirut "La Banlieu"

That's ironic, right? RIGHT?

I'm still pretty much a zombie after my half-month of travel. But at least I'm recovering from my cold and the house is clean. The laundry is going right now, at least the first load. It will probably need two more. I was supposed to go see the Duke Chapel Choir perform Handel's Messiah this afternoon but I flaked out, primarily because I wasn't sufficiently interested to sit still for three hours, but also because my ticket was sitting in Sam's bedroom in Chapel Hill and I woke up an hour before the start time. Instead, Sam and I lazed around and then had a late lunch at Elmo's. Now he is studying at Caribou.

Last night we did end up going to Legends for the first time in a couple of months. We were supposed to pregame with Gary at his house, but he was magically elsewhere when we called, so we went to The Borough instead and sketched tattoos that I should get over drinks. Eventually we picked up Gary and made it over there, and he made up for the previous confusion by getting us both in for free. :D We ran into Lee and Barden at the front door, met their friend Jesse, then ran away to the other side of the club and drank in a section of couches. We were subsequently joined by lots of hot intelligent queers, including virga, TJ, Dan, and Matt. Various other characters also showed up and I was introduced to them but don't remember their names, and we had a grand old time with discounted drinks. Eventually we moved into the pool table room and bitched some more; it was fun! The drive home, however, wasn't so great because I-40 was closed and I had to take a monstrous detour.

Karl Rove is speaking at Duke tomorrow. I predict this will not end well. IT BE OK PETER FEAVER, ILU NEWAY.

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