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Sep. 28th, 2002 | 03:46 am
mood: drunkdrunk
music: Pet Shop Boys and Culture Club ... thanks, Alexis

Tonight was a whole lot of fun ... and since I don't feel like going to bed, I think I will write about it:

I actually went to my classes during the day, and work too ... what a dull time all of that was, but then again I'm not really interested in these things on a Friday. Especially this Friday. In any case, I spent two hours just laying around in bed after I got out of work, some of which involved napping. After awhile, Stephen came by cos we were supposed to go to SQ, but it was too late cos both of us had been asleep from about 4:00 onward.

So we planned to drive Kyle to the ABC Store, which we did ... Stephen bought lots of liquor while Kyle and I talked about break-ups ... crappy topic, but she's yet another person whom I can go to for support. That's good. After that, we dropped her off on East Campus and went back to SHARE. We rounded up Sarah, Alexis, and Kelly and decided to go to dinner at Torero's ... yay for Giant Burrito Land (as I like to call it now).
Dinner conversation ranged from cartoons we used to watch when we were kids to how fried ice cream was invented.

After that and various dropping off and picking up of people, we went to Pride Cafe at the Coffeehouse, which was a cute drag show ... Stephen and I drank much pineapple rum mixed with various sodas, and then he, Alexis, Kelly, Jillian, and I went to Francesca's ... Alexis and I had stolen scones from the Coffeehouse, so we paid most of our attention to them while talking about childhood memories and the comedy act we had seen at Pride Cafe. It was funny beyond explanation ...

When we finally got back to SHARE, Alexis and I gathered in Stephen's room, where he and I drank and we all took gender tests and gay tests, and watched scary 80s videos from her collection ... some were great, some made me cringe. It was lots of fun even before I was totally sauced because it was the 80s, dude. Heh heh.

When the party in his room finally broke up, we stayed in the hall writing things on Ian's message board ... I spelled hot "hawt", quite deliberately. This now makes me sad. We also fought with Stephen to get him to go to bed, and when he agreed, I left with the intention of doing the same ... but I ended up walking to Main West. On the way out, I couldn't figure out the door (thanks to Bacardi and Dick Yuengling, head of the oldest brewery in the US, and in Pottsville, PA no less), but I finally made it. Now when you're drunk and other people are too, conversations just tend to ensue, so I talked with people at the bus stop. One guy wanted to go to Southpoint Mall at that very second cos he heard there was a smoke shop there ... haha. Others also freaked out when they remembered they were sitting on a bench that had been in the vicinity of vomit ... of course, I shouldn't say anything because, when the bus came, I proclaimed "I live on this campus" and walked off. No comment.

On the way back down to Edens, I met up with Rob from my Spanish class ... I swear the only time we see each other outside of class is late on Friday nights when at least one of us is under the influence of alcohol ... but oh well. He, his friend, and I talked about burning down GA and starting over ... yay.

Now I'm really going to bed, cos I have to be up in six hours.

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